… and working on the sweater. I finished the decreases and increases for the waist shaping on the sweater back and I’m about 44 rows away from the armhole decreases. I have started the ribbon holes section, where I plan to put some purple i-cord through the holes. The pattern calls for velvet ribbon, but it would have to be removed whenever I wash the sweater.

I have a finger counter that is great for temporary counting sessions, but I resorted to making the 5/10/15 pen marks in each section of the pattern every time I start a row.

It’s going pretty well. Every now and then have to go back down a row or two where I made a mistake.

I am also thinking about keeping the back as plain beaded knitting and regular stockinette without beads for the sleeves. If I don’t like the way the ribbon holes look, I’ll frog back down to there reknit it as stockinette with beads. It’s only about 44 rows to get to the armholes section.

I am knitting on size 2s and I think that’s going okay. Some of the beads still slip to the back side of the work a little bit, but they are still showing well on the right side.

Other knitting

I don’t know if I wrote it down, but I ran out of red yarn when I got 3/4’s done with the gracious cowl. I have seriously considered just picking another yarn in my stash to finish it out, but it would make that side of the cowl the wrong side.

I need to purchase the other ball that’s available on Ravelry, but I really want to be done with both yarn and project when it’s finished, and not have a bunch of extra yarn left over. I’d have to figure out what I was going to do with about 100 yards of red otherwise. It may be a little picky, but I don’t like to have more than a few yards of yarn left when I’m done with something, unless I really LOVE the yarn and have enough to make something else out of it.

Mehndi Shawl (the marcasite shawl)

green socks

And work them along with the current projects, the gracious cowl and the juliet sweater.

Based on the movie “The Princess Bride.” (I should watch that again.)


Tru Wuv by Jane Araujo


She made the design as a wedding shawl request for a group member. It is freaking awesome! So is the wedding photo.

Following along on the test knit, that shawl is gorgeous in every color! Pure white on a red wedding dress, purple, rainbow, gray, turquoise, multi — I love them all!

I went in to look at a few of the test pics and wound up reading the whole thing!



Looking at her patterns makes me want to knit the Luiza shawl again, but for myself this time. As hard as it was for me to knit it the first time, it is so freaking beautiful I can’t imagine not making one for me. It’s not like I don’t have any yarn. lol. I may start with the burgundy sock yarn I overdyed that I got from Melissa, and knit the edges in black sock yarn, since I probably don’t have enough to make it as big as I’d like.

I gave the blue one to a sick coworker. She was seriously ill and we didn’t know for months what was wrong with her…it was horrible. I was so glad she loved it. I never really know for sure until I actually give something to someone.

I’d also purchased her Ppaola design, which I haven’t actually got around to knitting either.

Here’s a copy of the post that didn’t work…it had picture issues.


…one that I can actually stick to.

I need to figure out how to turn my yarn buying obsession into one that focuses on actually using the yarns I buy or that are already in my stash.

I’m going to try not to add anything else to the stash through December, and maybe even January. Trades only.

In the meantime, I need to figure out what to do with this RAK’ed skein of Wollmeise. (colorway “Guide to the Galaxy.”

It originally looked like this:

Now, it looks like this:

I originally planned to make a Tumbling Deco Shawl by Holly Chayes.

I still might do that, but one weekend when I’m not so busy I’m going to have to sit down and figure out the chart.


The first few times I looked at it, I started knitting the first couple of rows, which were written instructions. Then you go to the chart, and that’s where the problem came in.

I was working the pattern from a PDF because I don’t have a working printer. The first pages of the pattern are in 8 1/2 by 11 format, but the chart part is in 11 X 8 1/2 format, and it is all charted, but the chart is split in half. It’s like cutting a hanging shawl down the middle and flipping the two halves on their side. (Hard to figure out how to illustrate that without taking a photo of it on my screen … … … Duh. Maybe I should try that. lol


The part on the far right is row 1 (in vertical position), but then there’s a center row (the bold horizontal line on both pages. I could use one page and mirror it, but I am not at a point mentally where I can handle knitting across the two charts like I did with the Gail shawl, so I had to table that knitting.

I might pull it into Photoshop and put the two halves together and print that, but I’d have to do that at work. (I had to use the Paint program just to get this far, and using it to manipulate images just really doesn’t work for me..

Looking at that graphic just now and thinking about how excited I was to get going on it this summer brings me down. I had started the Rav project page, filled in the details (started July 8), and got started.

The pattern’s still on my to do list, but just not today.


Where the problem with the Wollmeise may come in is that it seems highly variegated, so I’m going to start a plain swatch to get an idea of what it looks like knit up, and put some ideas I got today down on paper.

I know I want to make a shawl, but do I want to skim through the patterns I already have, or do I want to wing it? Today, this morning, it feels like winging it is possible.


I am also going to try to finish this Gracious Cowl before the weekend this coming week is out. It’s fair isle, so it’s taking me weeks longer than I expected. (Didn’t happen, still working on it. About 1/4 of the pattern to go as of Oct. 25.) It was created by Stana Sortor.

I may make a second one in my birthday yarn, which is one fuchsia skein and one purple skein of Cascade Heritage Silk.

A couple of years ago, I came across a minimalism blog that listed 100 things to do toward a goal of starting a minimalist lifestyle, and I took the idea to apply to things I wanted to get done for myself, both life and knitting.

I am so glad I was only able to come up with about 75 things. 100 is a lot. (just saying).

Anyway, doing that helped me clarify what was most important, what could wait awhile, and what was no longer an issue, when I was having a very difficult “where do I go from here” time.

I have about 25 things left on that list. Some resurrected themselves from the strikethrough grave. Some of them, I had completely forgotten about. No surprise there.

About the Stash and Burn podcast: I want to listen to it again from the beginning, just because they began the impetus for “knit up your stash” for me. The weren’t the ones who came up with the idea originally (that was wendyknits and her friend LB), but they started the rav thread (Cold Sheep thread under Stash and Burn) that got me to try it. When I look at my giant yarn pile now, and think how stressed I was at having one container more of yarn than I planned on back then, I crack up – laughing.

Some of the best things ever have happened to me in that group. I finished my bathroom set because of them. I started a knitalong in there on the Holden shawl, which started out easy as pie (but eventually drove me up the wall. I finished it, but I had to do it my way.) My friend Melissa knitted one and didn’t have any trouble, so I guess it was just me. (Overthought it, I guess.)

It is also the place I have seen people achieve their stash knitting dreams, which was inspirational as hell! Go Brownberry and TangledThread!

Things from my list of 40

3. go through 3 financial books

4. box up medical books.

5. shelve knitting books. re-added because I need to do this again.

6. update website. (kind of an “always do” item)

7. knit p & p (what can i knit in 6 hours)

8. knit Dr. Horrible (1 hour)

9. knit the mummy (6 hours)

11. Start Jenn’s socks

14. knit the King Henry 8th sweater in progress. Cancelled. Sold book, not going to happen.

15. Knit other series. DONE-Castle, season 1. Re-added. Forgot some of what happened.

16. knit Horatio Hornblower

18. Fix VCR. Geez. Re-added.

20. Go through computer games. Do this again.

21. Get due dates to make payments.

23. Go through 3 organization books.

24. Check mom’s things for purse or make bag.

28. Knit Inspector movie with jason isaacs. What is it even called? He’s so freaking hot in it, all muscular and stuff, and even has a tattoo, which doesn’t appeal to me, but whatevs. His character in this is flawed, married and has a kid, but I choose to ignore those parts. lol
29. Reclaim the needles/stitchmarkers. Do this again.

30. Start Java programming.

33. Over-the-door hook for Jackets.

34. Spin 6 batts. revise new no.

36. Assign projects to yarn. started.

38. Measure yardage of misc. fingering so I know how much I have.

39. Ply Jenn’s yarns together (1 down, 1 to go)

40. knit stash and burn (the podcast)

List projects

Gracious cowl

Lady Eleanor

Juliet Pullover


light blue washcloth

P.S. See how there’s no pictures in this one? WordPress isn’t going to get me on that today. It refused to work with some picture I’d included in the post before this one. I was in a hurry, so I just gave up and saved the text. Maybe I’ll just have to link to pictures that are somewhere else instead. Also, it is really, really sad when you have to triple/quadruple proofread pages you typeset, when you’re a proofreader to begin with. This thing should have been perfect! lol

I got so much spinning done on this Juliespins fiber today. I might have gotten even more done if I’d went to spinning group on time.

From this Day 2 spinning:

To this Day 8 spinning in one day:

That’s pretty freaking good for about 3 hours’ work.

I’m very happy with it; not sure if I’ll ply it with malabrigo laceweight or do my usual and navajo-ply it. Probably just going to navajo ply it and see how many yards I get. I think it’d make a nice 2-ply yarn, though.

Day 1:


Juliespins 85/25 Humbug BFL and silk

I think I had my first yarn dream ever night before last. It was great! I dreamed I was running a knitters’ convention, and I and my two helpers were busy setting up mystery yarn baskets for participants who were waiting for the next stage of the event.

Everybody had a card with kind of hard written clues. If the clues were solved correctly, it would lead to 8 different mystery baskets of  great yarn with a project chosen specifically for that yarn. Whoever found the most won a prize, and whoever won the most competitions during the convention won a grand prize.

And there was an “Trade Your Unwanted Hat Here” basket that was doing a roaring business! Everybody and their mama had a hand knitted hat they didn’t like or wanted to trade and everybody was able to trade at least once. No hat went unclaimed and no fights broke out. It was amazing! (I’m pretty sure it would never happen in real life though. I can be way too picky about stuff like that.)

We let the knitters in, and a few of them found baskets hidden behind decals on the wall. Shortly after that I woke up, so who knows what the prizes and grand prizes were going to be. Nice dream, though.


I washed the bleeder about 8-10 different times, and I think it finally stopped when I put it in some cool water with a lot of Synthrapol. I let it sit a while to see how much bleeding it was still doing (about the same), then I put it back in a crockpot on low for a few hours. I let that sit overnight, then rinsed and soaked it. Less dye came out, so I put it through a rinse and spin cycle in the washing machine to get most of the water out.

Because I got really impatient that one time and cranked it up to high, the lightest-colored parts of the shawl felted. The Wollmeise lace must be superwash, because it looks almost exactly the same.



Felting was mostly vertical, and there are one or two faded spots. After all the issues I have had, I don’t think I will be gifting this to my aunt after all. I’m not sure what I’m going to do with it, but I have changed my mind about overdyeing it to fix the faded spots. I doubt it would take the way I would expect it to.

I am just disappointed at the end result, all the way around. That was a lot of work for it to end up this way.

Crochet work

In other news, I am trying to finish up the oldest UFO. Things are going well, just not quite as fast as I would like them to.

I still haven’t found my crochet hooks. I intend to do some major cleaning this week, so hopefully they will turn up. (I have all the small ones for fine crochet work, but not the set of lettered hooks from A to H, or however high it went.

I borrowed a D hook from my friend Melissa to do the lace edging. On some of the items it looks great. I am hoping once it is all completed none of the things that bother me about the set will be issues. Some sections don’t lie as flat as I’d like.

Other knitting

I plan to frog the Phantom of the opera cowl I made, as it’s too small in some areas.

I plan to knit:

  • my cousin’s scarf
  • one shawl for me, one for my friend’s mom
  • a pair of gloves
  • two cowls for me
  • two pairs of socks

Contests and stuff:

I set a contest on the sweater group for members who finished knitting a sweater this year. Those who have done one will have their names cut up and one person’s name will be drawn. I’ll gift the winner a Ravelry pattern up to $10.

I am participating in the Christmas pattern swap for another group I’m in. It has a $15 limit.

I am also participating in The Cold Sheep group Finish-along for projects started before Nov. 10. It ends Nov. 30 or so. I’m hoping it will help me make a giant dent in UFOs. I’m not sure which other UFO’s I’ll be working on.

Somehow, I forgot that when I was going to block the second Gail shawl, it had a bleeding problem. So, I was ready to do it again, I put it in some soapy water to soak and when I came back a few minutes later, the water was heavily pink.

It was looking a little scary. I actually lost a few cool points over that. So I dumped the shawl, soapy water and all, into the crockpot I use for dying and poured maybe a quarter cup of vinegar. (It would have been a tablespoon, but like I said, I was losing cool points at the time, and the vinegar jug was almost empty. What’s the point in leaving two drops in there? Don’t judge me. )

Whatever vinegar was left in there, it’s in the pot. It’s cooking now on medium (whatever temperature that is – not using a thermometer there either), and hopefully the shawl will soak all the dye back up and it will MOVE IN AND TAKE UP LIVING THERE, LIKE IT WAS SUPPOSED TO DO IN THE FIRST PLACE. DAMN.

I suspect it’s the other yarn, not the OMG Wollmeise edging. I don’t think Claudia would do that to me, because OMG it’s Wollmeise. (I love the production that Lime and Violet made of out of the word Wollmeise when they had their podcast.)

Here’s a picture of the edging.

I hope whatever happens, the shawl doesn’t go all faded pink on me. If nothing else, I can say it will be clean as hell, because they used to boil clothes in lye soap and water in the old days  to clean them. My mom had to do that more than a few times when she was growing up. I am so glad I was born when I was, because having to do all that farm work, slaughtering your own animals and stuff like beating rugs by hand, would suck.

On the other hand…

I am starting to be able to visualize the end of some old UFOs. If this shawl goes okay and I only have to cook it once, I will work on putting the nails in some coffins on the project that shall not be named. Then I will block The Bleeder and package it up. I’m going to see if I can find a pin for it and give it to my aunt for Christmas. Goodbye, good luck and good riddance.

And then, and then, I have changed my mind again. I’m going to knit as much Harlequin shawl in purple as I can. It’s the gift shawl on my UFO list, and this way I don’t have to try to follow another pattern, and since the giftee’s all petite and shit, I won’t have to knit it for long. I am kind of worried about it being chunky yarn though and it being too chunky looking on her. What the hell. I don’t have to wear it. lol.

Or maybe I’ll just follow in the instructions for the Holden shawl, which has no patterning whatsoever, and put an edging on it from somewhere. Maybe the blue Barbara Walker book. That would make it way faster.

I’m getting a little excited for all the other stuff I can work on.

1. scarf for my cousin.

2. shawl for me.

3. Necklette for me out of my handspun yarn, made with fiber Cheryl gave me for my birthday.

4. Socks for me.

5. Sock  correction, SOCKS, for a friend of mine. Since she has two feet. (and I wasn’t going to proofread this because I’m perfect and I don’t make mistakes. HA!!!)

6. another shawl for me.

7. back to the East meets West colorwork bag. I hate I fell down on that one. I was going along pretty good for a few weeks on it.

And what really got me all hyped up before The Bleeder pissed me off, I was going through my yarn stash and noticed how some colors match up. I was all, “Ooh, I’m gonna take pictures and put them on the blog post!” But I couldn’t find my camera, which I had just seen yesterday. It was right here, I swear!

That’s what I get for not listening to my mom. “If you would put stuff up where it belongs, you would know where it is.” She said that a lot when I was coming up. I wonder why.

I made this dot com

and these

(never again, they were a PITA – damn, there is a lot of cursing on this blog today – took too long to make, and I feel not worth the few hours I put into them) They have also committed the crime (my fault, not theirs) of being not very good looking. But yayy for using remnants!

And the Harlequin Opal shawl as a yarn trade, which is freaking gorgeous. Even if it’s about 65 percent bigger than it should be, from the instructions. If she doesn’t want it, I’ll take it back. lol. I wouldn’t mind at all! I’d even send her one of the two skeins of Mad Tosh yarn I had ordered. Or something else from stash. She’s probably going to like it though. I hope so. Trades make me anxious until I know for sure the other person LOVED, and I mean L-O-V-E-D it. The same with Christmas presents. Even if all I give you is a starlight mint and a piece of lint, I hope it’s the most bodacious starlight mint and piece of lint you ever had in your whole life. At least until next year.

Trust me, I love this pattern so much this picture should be three times as big as the actual blog page. I’m going to do it again.

so now, hoping for the best, I’m going to go back downstairs and check the shawl and hope it’s sucking up some color. And maybe open a window, since I’m not actually making pickles, but it probably smells that way. My roommate will thank me, I’m sure. Especially since she’s the person who does the sniff test to see that I’ve rinsed all the vinegar smell out when I need her to. Good thing we’re friends.


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02. super secret gift project
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Arcade mode fingerless gloves

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Photos of finished projects



Victoria Braids Wrap

Second Gail Shawl

Headphone covers

Black hat

Bathroom set

STASH DASH Project List 2012 - incomplete, but marking it done. I have officially given up on the Stash Dash list. I finished 80% of the projects I had on there. Canceled the gift shawl altogether. My cousin's scarf is still on the to-do list though.


UF pillow

Felted nightstand mat - couldn't fix ruffled edges, cut up and sent away.


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