Sock drama

I got hooked into sock knitting almost two months ago, when I read
the books, “A Good Yarn” and “The Shop on Blossom Street” by
Debbie Macomber.
In “A Good Yarn,” she brought up how socks were a quick, rewarding project for new knitters, so I thought I’d try it.

The pattern is Basic Socks
from “Learn to Knit Socks,” by Edie Eckman.]

I can’t say I haven’t had difficulty. My first big mistake was not using a counter after rows 1-4. It looked simple enough to count loops, but on the way to counting them up, I made my second mistake, dropping a stitch from double pointed needles (also called DPNs on all the knitting blogs you will find online).

My third mistake may have come from counting rows incorrectly also. I made this mistake with both socks. For some reason, every time I got down to knitting the toes, my kitchener stitch toe seam never ended at the toe. The seams, which were supposed to be on the sides, always wound up on top of and under my toes. So I ripped it back to where the toes started and winged that part, folding it flat [show sample pic] and choosing those areas to start the required SSKs.

I have some sock and other projects I am interested in making or using for patterns. I will list those later.


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