Lace Rows are from Hell, the Weekend

You know those days when you congratulate yourself for finishing that previous row because you were bored stiff before you even got halfway? You do the crazy grin of joy and your heart leaps because that’s one more row you no longer have to worry about, and that’s one row closer to the end?
Pattern reads, “…single crochet in next two single crochets, chain 3, single crochet in next two…”
So I crocheted the row, did the crazy grin and the heart leaping, and then started the next row. “Chain 3, double crochet in next single crochet, chain 3, double crochet in next two single crochets….”
Me to the pattern: “What next two single crochets? There’s no next two single crochets here. You’re trippin’!”
The pattern to me (after a check of previous row, a double take, and a reread of the previous row): “Is it my fault you can’t follow a written pattern? I think not.” Then it turned its snubbed little nose up in the air and walked away.
Me to myself and screwed up rug: “Damn!”
I gave up and went to bed.
Rug: 1,005 plus a 5-year “Why didn’t you finish me five years ago?” guilt trip.
Renee – 0.
If the set wasn’t so pretty, it would have been thrown out with the baby’s bathwater a LOOOONNNGGG time ago.
I tried again this morning, and read knitting blogs as I went to alleviate project boredom. This is what I got.

Me to myself and screwed up redo rug: AGAIN: “What the??? — Damn!”
Make that Rug: 1,007 + 5-year guilt trip
me: -2.

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