I’m so excited!

I finally ordered some laceweight yarn to see how it stacks up to my regular Wal-Mart specials. GREAT prices available from some sources I’m going to list here.

Bless you, www.bargainyarns.com. I LOVE your book prices–you are a book lover’s best friend! Especially a book lover on a budget. I don’t care if they’re used, folded, spindled, or otherwise mutilated, but I do have to pace myself when it comes to craft books. I’m always wanting way more than I have room for, and they get a huge chunk of my checkbook.

I was very pleased to find the Harry Potter patterns book, and I appreciate that you had The Advanced Knitting Architect for about $7.

I think I’m going to try to knit Juliet from the top down, and I’m not love traditional sweater construction. I find myself a little teary-eyed with fear, thinking about how it might not be long enough in the torso or sleeve,waist and bust shaping. Those beautiful Asian models don’t seem to have my body type.



Don’t let the company’s logo cuteness fool you.

I went there once yesterday, for the very first time since I’ve started knitting, I ordered dang near immediately!

I have been so curious about working with laceweights, and I recognized the Misti Alpaca name brand and ordered a merlot-style color for $6 bucks!

I hope this new relationship works out, because there’s a lot of stuff I want to make.

I love them so much right now, just on price point alone. There’s some even nicer stuff in the $22-32 dollar range I could see myself splurging on next payday if the colors I love are in stock. Awesome…can’t wait to go back.


The Loopy Ewe at theloopyewe.com

Can I tell you that they are already the awesomest, even though I haven’t ordered anything yet? I love them already, and let me tell you why. I created an account there. I signed in. I had a little look around. I added some yarn to my cart, added a pattern to my cart, removed the pattern from my cart. I added another pattern. I decided I just don’t have enough money to order yet, so I signed out.

I surfed somewhere else. Went back the next day and signed in again (to practice password memory and cherish a future purchase of Cherry Tree Hill in their fabulous cherry solid. I love that color. Full of fuschia goodness,which is very hard to find in a yarn, even more especially in the web’s highly rated yarns like CTH).

But I digress.

WHY I LOVE THE LOOPY EWE: My cart selections are still there waiting for me! I couldn’t believe it–I almost fell out of my chair.
And I’m not even one of the people quoted on there who love the company’s way of doing business.

I am so ready for a visit from the UPS god that I casted on last night for a scarf to tide me over until my orders get here.

The scarf is based on Madli’s shawl, a rectangular project I want to make from Interweave’s Summer 2004 issue.

I hope like hell this doesn’t put me in the category of little old ladies with shawls, canes, and a bad attitude for the younger folk, ’cause I’m already all that except for the shawl and cane! lol

About that 2004 summer issue. It set me back about $20 bucks but it was worth it, I think. There’s about 5 projects in there that I want to make, and 3 of the 5 that I’m sure will turn out really well.

I think this Serape Jacket would be easy to make. I love the colorwork. I like this tank. I think it’d be fairly easy to make in a size that would fit.

AND (I neglected to add…) my Ravelry invite is THIS close!

I am 772 people away from being added in, and I can hardly wait! There’s so many to dos I want to have in one place without going through my entire stash. Thank you Ravelry staff for working so freaking fast now! I am READY to be spoiled, overwhelmed by knitting goodness, and whatever else you may have for me!

* You signed up on August 30, 2007
* You are #30125 on the list.
* 772 people are ahead of you in line.
* 14461 people are behind you in line.
* 57% of the list has been invited so far

Didja get a look at the request from Interweave Knit’s mailing list on how many UFOs people have going? I ‘fessed up to 6. It would probably be 10-12 if I counted the individual parts of the bathroom crochet set that I have left to make.


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