Darn you, dropped stitches!

I have already had to frog the bits of the scarf I dropped Monday night and restart it. The Knit Picks lady says you don’t have to frog rows and rows of stitches, but I disagree with this pattern since it’s not plain stockinette. There were so many knit togethers and SSKs and yarn overs that there’s no way I could just tink one stitch five rows down to the error and still have it look like it was knit correctly.

I have also decided not to twist any more knit stitches because I don’t like how the little V’s of the knit stitch don’t look smooth and even. It looks a little raggedy when you twist them.

The first six rows of the scarf are worked in seed stitch to give the work a little more of a border. I was so pleased with the way it got a zigzag look as I started the leaf-looking edge of the pattern. The yarn is Caron Simply Soft or something like that, in their navy blue color range, same as the socks.

I knit the first 6 rows of seed stitch last night. I’m going to stick with it and see how it turns out. If it looks good enough, it might be someone’s Christmas present. If it doesn’t, it will remain mine.


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