Swatch does not compute…

Lion Brand Suede. Soft, pretty, touch-it, feel-it yarn, until I started trying to get gauge. Then I started to hate it.

Swatch #1 looked great. It felt great. It was 4 inches like it was supposed to be horizontally. Vertically, it was 5″ instead of 4″.

I decided to block it and see if it got better (and shrunk a little). It stayed 4 inches across horizontally, but that didn’t quite work out. Now it’s 4″ x 6″ vertically. Oops.

If I make something else out of this, it will have to be something that doesn’t require gauge, like a blanket or a scarf.

This is the swatch I wound up with. I’m going to make another in smaller yarn. It should work out, because she’s a bit smaller than the pattern’s smallest size.

Photo ponchoswatch1.jpg not available


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