One of those ‘Houston, we have a problem’ problems

The top of the poncho is too small. Apparently, I knit the top way too tightly…but I’m going to blame it on the small circular needle because I hate those things.

On my next project, I’m going to listen to myself first and the pattern second. I was ready to burn those 16 inch circulars, first because they’re a lot shorter than I thought they’d be, and second because I had to fight them to get the neckline done.

OK, back to business. The top of the poncho is too small, so I decided to do a steek like I’d heard of on the and web sites. Wendy’s done a lot of fair isle, and to do a fair isle button band, sleeve and neckline, you normally have to do a knitted patch called a steek. You cut through the steek and pick up stitches to knit a button band, neckline or start a sleeve. Here’s a couple of links to go by.

1. Wendy’s article on steeking that she did for
2. The Yarn Harlot steeking on
3. The See Eunny Knit page on crocheted steeks.

If I hadn’t seen these guys do it first, no way would I be trying it myself. They know how to build some knitting confidence. I’m actually looking forward to it, kind of an adventure.

Here’s a picture of the steek, and a closeup of the area. I only crocheted one line, because I’m going to cut the light brown section under the steek, remove it, and put the row of loops from the darker row underneath it back on the needle. Then I’m going to knit a neckline from those, like a professional. :-)

I think it’s going to work out really well that way, and be way easier than frogging and reknitting it.


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