Since I haven’t knitted this week

I’ll just talk about Ravelry.

They have awesome ads on there that you can click to add to your favorites. And they number individual posts in the forums. And they have that cute picture of Bob the dog thinking about a ravelry green bone.

I joined a few groups on there and posted a few things. There was this awesome post about an e-bay sale gone wrong.

This lady had ordered what she thought was a name brand yarn (ROWAN – apparently one of those top ten yarn creators). Big yarn name, big, big bargain. Well, she got the yarn, and not only was it questionable Rowan brand, it was cut 2 to 4 ounces shorter than it was labeled on the seller’s post. That lady got shorted, and it took months for her to get her money back. Paypal finally refunded her dough. It was horrible what the seller and paypal put her through. But it made for an awesome forum conversation.

Someday soon, after everybody has received their tee shirt and all the beta people have been signed up, ravelry will go live so everybody can see it. That will be a beautiful thing, because then you’ll be able to put a link to all the ravelry stuff you love in your post and go there without having to log in. I’m gonna love that!

Also on ravelry, they have done something cool I’m going to have to investigate a little further. When I posted to jess about the cute dog pic, there was a section over the top of the “type your message here” box where you could type a word in and instantly go to all the forum posts or pictures or something about that word. I wanna do that, just because it’s awesome that it can be done.

I think I’m going to have to put myself on stash restriction. I’ve come across a lot of stuff there that I want to create for myself. It helps somewhat that I have no ready yarn cash on hand, and I have to eat, or I’d be up to my waist in yarn.


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