I worked out how many more hours I have left

About 25-28 hours left on the poncho. Spent 1/2 a day decorating for Christmas yesterday, because I have no Christmas spirit right now. Nine days left, and Christmas love is at zero. I hope it’s not one of those things where it doesn’t wake up until New Year’s, when it’s already too late. That has happened before.


Working Girl with Melanie Griffith is on now. It’s one of my all-time favorites. I hate to start watching it and not get to see the whole thing though. It usually just happens to be on when I’m on my way to work and can only see about 15 minutes tops. This leaves out my favorite parts.

There’s the part when her boss, Katherine, goes skiing on a cliff. She pushes herself off very determinedly and when she goes over the edge she screams very loudly, finding there’s no slope at the bottom. (She deserved that one, she really did.)

And when she’s in Katherine’s house picking out the black dress with sparkles that costs $6,000 and still has the price tag on it. Her friend goes, “Six thousand dollars??!!! It isn’t even leather!!!”

And when she gets in the taxi with Jack Trainer (played by Harrison Ford), and the Quaaludes mixed with alcohol knocks her out, and he takes her to his house. Then he waffles back and forth about undressing her before he puts her to bed. He was hilarious, and sweet and funny in this movie. He was the perfect Indiana Jones, too.

My two most favorite parts are where she’s packing up her desk after Katherine fired her, and she gets the chance to explain how she came up with the Trask/radio idea, and when Jack was packing her lunch for her first morning at Trask Industries.

Katherine gets all snobbish and her elevator is about to take Trask and company to her office area. Tess says, “Ask her about the hole in the merger,” and the elevator closes, but just before it does, Trask steps out. Tess explains, Trask, radio, Trask, radio, and they go up in the next elevator. At the top, Trask asks Katherine how she got the idea (which she’d stolen from Tess), and she has the nerve to ask Jack for help. He doesn’t help. Katherine gets her comeuppance and I get major satisfaction.

Then there’s the “first day at the new office” scene. Jack and Tess dance around each other sharing bites of toast and stuff. He packs her lunch in this black lunchbox, kisses her on the forehead or something, and tells her, “Now play nice with the other kids, and make sure you’re home before dark.” Awwwww!


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