I gotta say something or I’ll be forced to sell my own cologne!

What is up with all these stars trying to sell perfume?

First I saw about it, I think, was when Paula Abdul was on her show picking out a scent at the perfume factory. Then, I saw the commercial for Mariah Carey’s new fragrance.

Then Antonio Banderas (which was a shocker for me). And now Charlize Theron’s doing a plug for Armani or Givenchy or one of those big name designers. What gives? Also, this just points out to me, once again, that I watch way too much TV.

I was up way longer than I planned last night just surfing on Ravelry. It’s not like I have a whole lot I have to do on there since I’m not a master knitter, but it’s such an interesting place. I love seeing what other people are working on, and getting a feel for what I want to do next.

Last night, I was reading the forum on “My So Called Scarf.” One lady was asking what the big deal was about this scarf, so I went to the pattern page and looked at it. I have to say, it’s really cute! I love the sideways V’s in it, and that’s one of the few scarves I’d like to attempt. (I am not a scarf lover. I don’t think it always serves its purpose, and hinders more than it helps.)

I also wimped out and favorited a Knitty.com fall 2006 sweater instead of adding it to my knitting queue. My queue overwhelms me already, and I only have about 7 projects in it. Seeing how slowly I knit, it will probably take me another 2 years to finish the current list without deleting some items. I could do it, but dang, I don’t want it to take forever! lol

I forgot to add to yesterday’s post, that the Cherry Tree Hill yarn I want for Christmas is $20 bucks a pop. If I ever have enough money to place that order, it had better be majorly awesome! I don’t think I’ll have any complaints, seeing how many people love it. I just don’t want to regret it like I did when I ordered the Misti Alpaca laceweight and nearly ripped it to pieces out of frustration. I would love to get my hands on some CTH sock yarn. Maybe next week, once the bills are paid.


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