I made it to another year

with the majority of my knitting ego intact. I learned a few things about myself.

Thing 1: I can do a big project if I set my mind to it. The rest of life may go to hell in a handbasket in the meantime, housework doesn’t get done and worthier things (a job, a life) may fall by the wayside, but I can do it.

Thing 2: Whatever it is, it will get done, and it will get done well, even if it takes me days longer than anyone else. As long as it gets done, I will be fine, and the rest of the world will get over it.

Thing 3: So what if I keep adding things to my future projects queue on Ravelry? I only have 10 projects or so in mine (right now). More prolific knitters than me are going to be in triple digits before the first half of 2008 is over.

Thing 4: Wanting to do things better for other people than for yourself is sometimes a good thing. When I get done with this poncho, it’s going to look really good on my friend, like it was made especially for her by someone who cares about her her great deal. It was, and I do.

Thing 5: I don’t have to play every Nancy Drew game in the known universe. I can make do with 3 or 4 of them. Next on the list is Danger by Design, set in Paris, France (the main dealmaker for the I-want-itis.) I have to finish Blackmoor Manor first, though.


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