More on the Yarntini

I got a swatch done on the yarntini, but no washing or blocking of the swatch because I had swift loop-to-ball issues.

Unfortunately for me, I dropped the loop of chocolate cream yarn on the floor and it turned into a huge mess. And it took what seemed like 12 hours to sort out.

You think I learned anything with the first ball? Well, I didn’t. It happened again on the gimlet. So right now, the gimlet is a pretty blue yellow and green nest on my desk.

On the plus side, it seems like there’s a whole lotta yarn in those bundles. The next time I place an order, I am going to beg Kris at S&S to center pull ball it before she ships it to me. I can’t believe she still has 3 skeins of lime yarntini left. If I had $80 bucks, I’d be petting it 3 days from RIGHT now.

I still have to wind up the Cherry Hill, so there goes another winding nightmare. I saw some laceweight silver yarn on their website that I am dying to own, too. I can’t remember the name of it, but the colors blend from silver, to pale rose, to a sort of sand color. I LOVE IT!!! I almost spent my last $20 bucks on it yesterday.

How did I live before I started buying yarn? If only I could substitute yarn love for chocolate love. My wallet would be lighter, but so would I!

In other crafting news, I started the contour rug from the crochet booklet this past Sunday, and it actually made sense this time. I’ve got to finish about 10 more rows before I can start the chain stitches for the rug loops. My mom likes it, even if it is taking me forever.

Here’s a picture:


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