Knit Nights are for knitting (bold, underline, all caps!)

Ok, here’s the story. The Amethyst Cottage Knitting Group decided to start meeting twice a month, which is a fabulous idea. I love Knit Night; it’s awesome!

There are two problems with having it at starbucks:

1) I am going to order something, even if I’m not hungry or thirsty. Even if I’m down to my last dime. Even if it kills me, because it would kill me even more not to order anything. lol

2) I always order something “mocha” flavored, and usually with some sort or cream or something in it…hello, mocha frappucino…stop calling my name. I am sure this cannot be physically good for me, but once the frosty frapuccino flavor hits my tongue, I could care less.

So this past Tuesday at Knit Night, I spent the first hour looking at everybody’s stuff. Then I spent what felt like another hour picking out what I wanted to drink. The time was compounded by my inability to choose anything else on the menu, due to budgeting and craving constraints. (I finally settled on an iced mocha coffee. It was awesome. Could only be made awesomer by morphing into a frapuccino after the first 1/2 cup.)

Shortly before or after I placed my order, Melissa (Amethyst Cottage owner), looks at me and goes, “HEY! It’s a knit night. Are you gonna knit or what? You’re not even knitting anything.” Ahhh, sarcasm and irony all in one statement. I love it.

“Yeah, I’m going to knit! It’s just that I start listening and talking so much that I lose count, then I have to frog and reknit it all over again.” It’s true. Knit Night screws up my knitting, my crocheting, or anything I have to do a count for.

But the benefits are ginormous. They far outweigh the complications of chatting and knitting at the same time. I get excited seeing how much the group knitters have accomplished on their projects, and I admire their beautiful work. Colors, the evenness and nonwarping of their stitching, and the fact that they FINISH things! Finishing is great. Seeing them do it gets me excited about the projects I’m working on and the stuff I haven’t got to that I want to finish. It’s great. I hope it lasts a long time and even more people join.

Isobel (I have no idea how she spells her real name, and I won’t embarrass her by attempting to spell it here) has done about 4 Calorimetry headbands, and she was wearing hers. Another woman she’d made one for was wearing hers too, and matched a T-shirt to it perfectly. Glynna finished the second 1/2 of her knitted roof for a teapot cozy, and was absolutely chuffed that she’d gotten it perfect after her final attempt. I would love to see it once she has done the embroidery. Melissa, proud sock first timer, was wearing her new pair of socks, and now has to fight to keep them to herself (her son was blown away that they weren’t for him, so now she’s making him a pair).

Two other ladies started learning to knit, and one of them seems very accomplished, even though she just started that night. She was doing it so evenly, you would think she used to knit before and was just picking it back up. It was heartwarming to see how well she did.

Afterwards, we spent another hour or so chatting outside on the way to our cars. Everybody’s getting along really well. It’s a beautiful thing.


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