I’ve joined the May 1,000-yard challenge on ravelry

I was all lackadaisical about it the first few weeks, but when it came time to add up the total yardage of my stash, I freaked out because there was so much yarn in there. I’m a slow knitter, and I got scared that I would never use it all up. So scared that I’m determined to destash 2,000 yards instead. I may not make it, but at least I will make a dent.

That said, the last two skeins of yarn I got in the mail are beautiful things. The first one was the laceweight by vieux rouet on etsy. She did this beautiful water-colored yarn that is mixed blues and green (no bright, bright colors). The second is a trade that I swapped for the reddish brown sock yarn in my stash (from Kindre d Spirits Yarn on etsy.)

The yarn swapped for is this gorgeous skein from Scout’s Swag called violets or something. It’s a floral-looking mix with pinkish/burgundys and greens and white blended together. I love it! I’m going to have to find a nice pattern for it.


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