June Destashing Challenge 2008

I didn’t get very much accomplished for the May challenge. I actually went up in yardage instead of down, but I got some great yarn in the process (Sonny and Shear was having an economic stimulus sale).

Here are my new favorites.

This laceweight (Mama Llama Jaggerspun) is going to be for a shawl project. I’m afraid I’m going to need another 2 balls of it to make a Forest Path Stole. I may pick a project with smaller yardage.

Mama Llama laceweight

I love this yarn. I love the way the color runs from the pinkish to another color that’s almost cafe au lait. It is beautiful stuff. I wonder how it will look knitted up.

Shibui Sock orchid

This is a skein of Shibui Knits sock yarn. It’s so pretty and springy and cute. I love the way it stretches, and look forward to buying more sometime. They have an awesome Midnight Blue colorway and a few others I’m looking at.

I want to mix a row of multicolor Shibui with a row of coordinating solid color of Shibui to make a sock, with the hope that the solid would mute the wildness of the multicolor, and blend in at the same time. If I’d had more money when I’d placed the order, I would be trying this technique right now.

I also brought these two Cascade Arcadia yarns, in aqua and sprout:

I want to make the Triple Braided Diamond Turtleneck with these, if I can find enough yarn. It’s pictured on the cover of a book called The Pleasures of Knitting ($20.40) by Ann McCauley. There are a lot of beautiful sweaters in there, but the cover sweater is the main one that caught my eye. This is one of the first sweater books I’ve looked through that gave me the Jones to knit a sweater. I think it will go a lot faster than the sock projects, and where it doesn’t, I’ll have the cables to keep me interested.

I found a copy of it at the library, which shocked me, because they almost never have the books I’m looking for. I’m going to buy it one of these days. It’s a lovely book, full of inspiration.

And for even better news:

I have added progress bars to my page! Look at ’em! I found a link to how to make them by doing a search on Google, and I am so very pleased. Now I can list everything I’m working on, and everything I’ve finished. I’m going to figure out how to add pictures of the projects too, like I’ve seen on a few other blogs. Yayyy!!!

I’m seriously considering giving away the ball of Lily Sugar and Cream yarn. I don’t mind the peachy color, but I really dislike knitting with the stuff. Every time I look at it in my stash, I’m underwhelmed. I should just find a good home for it on Ravelry and call it done.

Oh, one more thing. There’s this site online that sells knitting bags for way less than I’ve been finding on other sites. I will get the link later, but I gotta tell you. I have been balking at paying upwards of $60 and $70 dollars for a tote. The one I have been using is not perfect, but it’s not $60 bucks!

The link I found earlier has bags for $9.99 and up, which is way more my speed. There’s a lady on Ravelry selling a $50 something dollar one she bought from Knitpicks for $29.95; I have to know what she’d charge in postage before I bought it. I’m even balking at that price, if you can believe it. I’m also not sure where I’m going to put it. It has bars on the outside to keep it standing upright. I don’t know how unwieldy that would be.


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