Dedicating my stash, part 2

Mama Llama laceweight

This, along with some Misti Alpaca black lace, if I can work it in, is going to be the Forest Path Stole, if I can find the yarn I want to accent it with. I may have to skip the accent altogether. I don’t want to, but it’s going to be very tricky to find a good match. I did write the company for their recommendations.

gray NTS laceweight
This gray laceweight from No Two Snowflakes is slowly becoming the Upstairs Shawl.

suri silk

I don’t have an idea in mind for this Oceanwinds Suri Silk alpaca, but I love it! It’s so soft and smooshy, even though I have been trying to wrestle it into a ball. It got really tangled when I tried to unwind it by hand.

Unlike most yarns I’ve had to untangle, this one is still just as soft and pretty and shiny as when I started. I got halfway, then stashed the rest into a bag until my patience level got back up. This picture doesn’t do it justice at all. It has a sort of a gleam to it.

NTS complimentary colors

This is the last of the NTS laceweight in my stash right now. I don’t have any concrete plans right now, but am seriously thinking of dividing each of the two hanks into thirds and blending them for a color-blended tank top. It would start at the bottom with two strands of the burgundy, the middle would have a strand of burgundy and a strand of yellow, and the top would be two strands of yellow. It will be so cute. I think I’m going to do a swatch for comparison purposes.

sock yarns

This is a picture of the sock yarns in my stash, minus the 1 skein of Shibui Knits yarn mentioned in an earlier post. I don’t have major plans for any of this stash right now, but I do want to make one or two pairs of toe-up socks.

The yarn on the left at the top is the Yarntini Gimlet sock yarn, which has been used up already. (I sent the remainder off to a Ravelry member in the Stash n Burn fan group.) Underneath that is some more Yarntini in the chocolate cream colorway. It’s gorgeous, and reminds me of corkboard. I may make the waffle socks with it.

Right next to those is a stack with Shibui Knits Orchid variegated yarn (top), Scouts Swag yarn in orchid variegated, and OnLine Supersocke 100 yarn in Sierra. It’s a mix of colors wrapped with a strand of black yarn. I love the color, but have no idea what it’s going to become.

The stack next to that one is Whimzy Pinzy’s Tippy Toes’ Yarn line in Figgy Plum Pudding. I’m not so crazy about it, because the yarn bled a little and it seems to be a cotton yarn instead of the merino I prefer. It also had some uncolored spots on the contrast yarn for the toe where the yarn had been tied off for the dyeing process.

The last stack of yarn is by Cherry Tree Hill, which I got to make some socks for a sock contest.

There are two more parts to my stash. One is afghan-type, heavier weight yarn, and the rest is what I consider miscellaneous yarn. I will discuss those two in a later post.


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