Powder Jacket crochet edge tutorial

Edge pattern rows:
Row 1: 1 sc, miss 2sts with 3 chn, 2 dc, 3 ch and 2 dc into foll st., miss 2sts, 3 chn rep from the beginning.
Row 2: hdc into sc, 2 ch, between the dc of previous ro 5 times: 1 dc and 1 picot, then 1 dc, 2 ch.

1. I chained 20 to represent your knitting.

2. work one sc over the first chain, then chain 3.

Photo 1: making first single crochet in first stitch.

3. skip the next two chain stitches. In the next chain (#4 of the 20), you are going to work 2 double crochets, then chain 3, then 2 more double crochets. This would make it a shell stitch.

Photo 2: Skipping the next two chain stitches and working the shell stitch in chain #4.

4. Chain 3 and skip 2 more chains. Do another single crochet in chain #7 (This is the repeat from the beginning part.)

5. Chain 3 and skip 2 more chains. Do another shell stitch (2 dc, chain 3, 2 dc) in chain #10.

Repeat steps 4 and 5 to end of row. You will most likely end the row with a single crochet, since Row 2 starts with a half double crochet in the first single crochet from row 1.

Photo 3: end of row 1

Row 2:

1. Half double crochet in sc stitch.

2. Chain 3.

3. Double crochet, picot and double crochet in chain 3 stitch of row 1 shell.

4. Chain 3 again.

5. Put hdc stitch in next sc stitch.

6. Repeat steps 3 to 5 until the end.

Photo 4 of first part of row 2: making the hdc in the sc stitch from row 1.

Photo 5: Making first dc of dc-picot-dc of row 2, step 3.

Photo 6: Making the picot on row 2, step 3.

Photo 7 of row 2, step 5:

Photo 8: Swatch done

There’s one thing I would change about these instructions. On row 1 when it says chain 3 between sc stitches and the shell stitches, I would chain 2 instead, unless you knitted the sweater fairly loosely. It has a tendency to clump up in places.


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