Dedicating my Stash, Part 3

afghan yarns picThe variegated yarns in this picture will be used to make throws. They were given to me by a friend who wanted them put to good use. The yarns on the right are being used to make a ribbons and bows bathroom set for my mom. I’ve got a ways to go on that one.

I don’t think I will need all the off-white yarn, so it will probably be used to make stripes for one of the variegated yarn throws.

donated yarns pic This closeup of the variegated yarns is kind of true to the color of both scarves that were made from them. For the darker navy blue/burgundy one, I intend to make sort of a “rainbow stripe” throw based on the colors used in it, ranging from light to dark, with rows of the variegated in between. That will be after I get a bunch of knitting and the bathroom crochet project done.

For the other more floral-type color, I intend to use a sort of patchwork blocks style to make a throw from it, a la Mason-Dixon Knitting. They have a gorgeous throw in there that’s almost log cabin quilt style. This isn’t my favorite color, but I could live with it. Maybe I’ll embroider some flowers on the throw when I make it, and do some z-style embroidery along the edges to resemble a quilt that much more.

miscellaneous yarnsThese yarns (from left to right, back row) are being used for the following: zig zag purse or confectionary tank; baby georgia knitted dress; the blue mixed cotton yarn is probably going to be a dish rag or neck wrap; the little burgundy thing is a mother earth shawl that I am still considering frogging and dropping out of my queue. I just don’t have the enthusiasm for it that I had when it was still a mystery.

In the front are two white yarns that are crochet threads. One is a skinny one used for doilies, and the bigger one on the left is more like rope, that I plan to make a round wheat-like doily out of eventually. I need to go dig up my pattern book for it.


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