Project status

1. Celtic Stole – frogged. More errors than I could live with. The way I’m going, it’s shaping up to be a nice doily.

2. Toilet lid cover – nothing doing.

3. Socks for Soldiers – I think I”ll be making hats out of sock yarn for a while. Not going as planned.

4.  Sweater tank – Barely looked at it.

5. Doilies for my mom – I’m going to have to do two a night to be done by this coming Sunday.

What I did work on during the trip:

1. Tried the entrelac tester in Interweave Knits to get some idea of how entrelac works, and testing my yarn choice before starting the forest path stole. Pink Lady and Vino look great together, but I don’t think I want that much pink going on. So I’ll use vino on the outside edges, and maybe use the pink lady every 3-5 rows. I don’t want to spend anymore money on lace-weight in taupe to match, so I’m going to go with what I’ve got.

2. Sleep. A whole lot of it. Not bored, just weird sleep times, like being wide awake at 3:30 and 4:30 a.m.

3. Socks for Soldiers – Working on the road makes it very hard to keep stitches on the needles. I need another size 1 addi turbo.

4. Speaking of needles, no more knitpicks needles. Love the yarn, but the cable needles gotta go! This is the third needle whose cable slipped out of the needle. I’m not going to ask for a replacement…I will just stick to their doublepoints if I need more of them.

5. Toe up attempt #3,728: I was working on a toe up sock using some yarn I’d bought on Ravelry. Unfortunately, I haven’t quite worked out how to do two at a time on two 40″ needles. I started both using the eastern cast on, and the first needle slipped out when I was working on the toe of the second sock. I started over, made some progress, then promptly lost interest due to needle positioning and the cable coming loose from the knitpicks needle. I hope they make some changes to their needles, because the cables are great, but I’m not going to invest my hard-earned moolah in them until they can hold up to regular use.

6. Logic problems – very engrossing stuff.

7. Book reading – Twilight book one, and New Moon book two of the Stephanie Meyers series. Huge entertainment value. Made my week. Except now I am forced to go get the other two, and kinda hope that’s the end of the series, to save me some time. Everybody’s right though–they are a quick read. I finished book two in two days.

8. Had fun with my dad’s side of the family this Thanksgiving Day. Visited Aunt Ruth and Aunt (Cousin?) Katrina, had brunch with my dad’s sisters and brothers and their children. Great visit!


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