Nothing to report knitwise

but I have had this compulsive urge to post on my blog every day for the past 3-4 days. I don’t know what it is about, but it’s extremely disturbing.

I think it doesn’t help that I’m worried about the way my knitting has been going. When I feel the urge to knit, I’m at work or somewhere without my knitting bag. When I don’t, my knitting just seems to glare at me from its spot in the corner, screaming “Why aren’t you knitting me? Why, why, why??!!!”

My usual response is, “Maybe I should just sell you all, from the yarns I love to the yarns I hate to the crochet hooks and craft gadgets I’ve had since I was little.” And sometimes, that response is serious. There were a few times I almost stuck it all up onto Ravelry and called it quits. I think it would take a lot of unnecessary pressure off me. I get so far along with a certain thing and I don’t see any progress, it kind of kills my urge to continue.

Over the course of this year, I have finished about 3 projects total, all three of which weren’t for me. I loved them when I was working on them, or when I was done, but getting to done was difficult. One more project before the first pair of socks I had knit myself, and I love them. I don’t wear them often because they’re a little too big, and made of acrylic yarn, which I used to be okay with until I started buying better (and therefore more expensive yarn.

I think from now through next summer, I will knit it, crochet it, bead it or get rid of it. I’m getting sick of seeking no progress.


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