Resist a KAL 2009

Holy crap! I have been trying to not sign up for a knitalong, and Ravelry is making it really, really hard this week!

The lace help group I frequent on Rav is does a KAL a month, and I think this January’s vote is going to be a beautiful, beautiful shawl, Gail, by Mawelucky (Rav name).

Another shawl that has been on my “buy” list for a long time is the Magic Carpet Shawl (about $8-$12), and that’s the focus of a Jan. 3 KAL by pandosu’s fan group. She is also selling her flower garden shawl set for $20 dollars right now, as a December sale price. Usual price is $28, and individual shawls in the set will be discontinued in 2009.

It is so hard to say no, even though I have been unsuccessfully joining KALS since I joined Ravelry. Underachiever run rampant, that’s me this past year.

I am trying to keep the new items casted on down to a minimum, and continuing a prolonged search for a matching lace-weight. I am also trying not to order yarn that costs more than $10, but I have an even harder time saying no to spending money. I think my best two options would be to:

  1. send a sample to the loopy ewe to match against two dark browns she has.
  2. dye it myself.

Unfortunately, the two yarns I want to match up are not cheap. One’s in the $20 range, and the other is in the $30 to $40 range. Getting what I want and not settling for less in the process isn’t so easy right now. Knitting’s freaking expensive for a girl with my kinda taste! :o)

On the dyeing end, I intend to start dyeing yarn for me anyway. There’s a DVD available for about $28 from Cherry Tree Hill, to keep me from making a horrible color mistake. That’s the plan. Hope to put it in action by the end of January.


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