Crochet help to TheQueen

  1. The instructions would end the round with “slip stitch in top of ch3.” That’s where this tute starts from (labeled step 1). I consider this the first of 3 slip stitches in a row. The next round says “slip stitch twice, then chain 3 and crochet 3 dcs in the same space.”
  2. The second slip stitch (step 2) should be made right between the ch3, which is a double crochet substitute, and the next dc, which are very close to the previous slip stitch. Since they’re so close, I was having you skip that one, and slip stitch between the next two dc stitches. Which is so not according to the purse instruction, but I’ve done it that way for a long time, and the world hasn’t caved in once.
  3. Make your third slip stitch into the space between the second and third dc stitches coming up, so all your “4 dc” groups will be centered on each other.
  4. Chain 3 to start the “4 dc” group of the next row.

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