What I’m doing now

I’ve been working some more on the Celtic stole and just finished the first ball of yarn. Progress so far:

Celtic stole update row 96

Celtic stole update row 96

I’m on row 96, and I’m enjoying it for a change. Most of my counting is staying on track. And I got a little farther on episodes of The 4400, which is really gripping by the time you get to season 3. Love the little girl who plays Maya, and her adopted mama’s uppance will definitely come, though I gotta say, her flaky sister asked for it. Never bring the hot fiance home to meet the family.

I also need to put a few hours in on the SFS socks I’m working on. I will be glad when I get the 2-socks-at-a-time deal figured out. All the cables are getting in my way, the yarn is tangling, and I can’t do anything else at the same time while I’m trying to figure out how to place them on the needles. I think I need help.


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