beginning of the BBS

beginning of the BBS

This picture represents about 6 hours, 2 1/2 made-for-tv movies, and 1/2 a sitcom of my life. I feel like I’ve been working on these socks all freaking day and have nothing to show for it. Even stacked vertically they don’t look like much.

I’m trying to get them done in a week, but I think it’s going to be more like two.

Plus there’s a beret to be done with the remaining balls of Knitpicks Essential that I have left. Here’s hoping the pattern calls for size 6 needles, because i want to get them done quickly so I can mail the whole remaining batch of Essentials off, since it’s been banned for any further Socks for Soldiers projects. I need to check my stash and verify that that’s all of it.


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