I have 90 (90!!!) projects in my Ravelry queue

That’s 7 blankets, 17 shawls or wraps, 8 hats, 2 purses, 10 scarves, 10 sweaters, 15 dishcloths, 14 socks, a bookmark, a bracelet, a pair of fingerless mitts, and 2 balls of yarn.

I wonder how many years it’s going to take me to find the time to knit them all. Granted, of the 15 dishcloths, they’re mainly pattern or texture “tutorials,” so I will probably use smaller versions of them for swatches.

Of the sweaters, it may take doing one sweater to narrow those down.  If i make it through that sweater and I love the process, there will be three definites and 5-7 maybes (since I think two of them are no longer available). I’ll soon have the yarn to make my absolute favorite, the Juliet beaded sweater by Robin Melanson. If things go well, it will be a mixture of purple and black yarn with black or purple velvet ribbon woven into it. It is a gorgeous little thing. The yarn it’s made from, Garnstudio Cotton Viscose, is shiny and slippery and beautiful. The beads will be gold. Th next definite must make is the Audrey Coat. I will have her, oh yes I will!

The blankets are possible Christmas gifts in the next couple of years. The Classic Elite basketweave blanket I especially like…it’s an easy pattern that I’ve always loved the look of. The Sybellia has this gorgeous cable pattern I may wind up using to make sleeves on a plain tunic sweater, with the cable also added horizontally to the bottom edge.

The other afghans are Peaceful, Burridge Lake Aran, Diamond and Smocked Cover (a baby blanket), I’ve Got My Love to Keep Me Warm by Kate Hister (a fairly plain stitch afghan with a dramatic contrasting diagonal cable splitting it in half), and my personal favorite, the OpArt baby blanket from the Knitty web site. When I make that one, it’s going on my wall. It’s that cool!

Of the shawls/wraps, my “must makes” include either Magic Carpet Ride or Moroccan Days/Nights by Susan Pandorf; the Creatures of the Reef Shawl by Dorothy Siemens; the Flowers and Frills Shoulder Shawl by Yvonne Senecal (she’s a Florida girl and coffee addict just like me, so how could I possibly resist);  the Black Olives Stole by Nightly Knitter – Ravelry ID – which makes gorgeous look easy; Convertible, because it can be a wrap, sleeves or a poncho; In the Woods, Canterbury Bells, and South Seas Shawl, all by Laura Patterson. This only leaves out about three shawls total, which have been added because they will help me use up the lace yarns I have on hand or because they look like they won’t take forever to make.

The majority of the hats are either for charity or to use up leftover yarn. The bags are gorgeous or useful looking things. No rush on them. All the scarves have struck my fancy for one reason or other. They were chosen to learn a technique, to go with a certain yarn, or to provide a challenge.  I have recently learned that scarves add a nice layer of warmth, which is almost 360 degrees from what I use to think. So much for whittling a list down! lol

The socks! I have come across some gorgeous socks since I joined Ravelry! There’s the Harry Potter house socks by Lykkefanten, that can go toe to toe with anybody’s designer socks. There’s the darn near psychedelic Prisms by Jaya Srikrishnan, the lure of the Blueberry Waffle Socks by Sandy Turner, and the entrelac-style Mermaid Socks by Lucy Neatby. There’s the Celtic and mosaic-looking socks by Catherine Devine. It will be a problem narrowing down which socks I want to make first!

I intend to add links and hopefully some sort of picture for each project to this post  for future reference.


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