I got a eureka moment

Vino yarn


I finally had a brainstorm the other day. I have two skeins of this Mama Llama merino lace-weight, and I’d been searching high and wide for the perfect solid color to go with it.

My dream yarn was going to be a coffee-colored merino that matched the darker parts of the yarn perfectly, without being too harsh. Unfortunately, I ordered several skeins that were never quite what I was looking for.

Surprisingly, I was thinking about this some more when I finally came up with the idea to dye the second skein a more solid color of burgundy to match it up. If I do it right, the second skein will be a few shades darker than it is currently.

Then I’ll have exactly what I need for the Forest Path stole.

I ordered the dye yesterday. It will get here in a couple of weeks; the lady I bought it from went to the Stitches fiber show and shipping is delayed until she gets back.

That’s a good thing. It will give me time to get the yarn ready.


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