Continuing my project list

Here’s a breakdown of some more projects in my queue.

Forest Path Stole
The FPS is an entrelac stole made of 23 tiers of different floral tiles. They are surrounded by more triangles and a seed stitch border.

Going by a week per section, it would break down as follows:

Bottom border and triangles – 2 weeks
23 floral tiers – 23 weeks
left, right and top border side borders – 3 weeks

Total 28 weeks. That’s seven months. Pshaw! lol. I’m pretty sure I can be done with it before seven months are over. Once I dye the yarn and start it, I will try to do it in 4 to 6 weeks.

Solo tank top
It’s made of a front and a back, but I prefer to work it as one piece so when I’m done, I’m done. I don’t have a suitable yarn for this yet, but I”ll break it down anyway.

I have notes from this in another notebook that I will add, saying how many stitches I casted on in the Caron Simply Soft yarn, which seemed to make a heavier fabric than I would like for a sweater, especially one intended to go under a blazer.

Gauge is 7.5 rows per inch, and you work the back and front until they measure 14.5 inches. That works out to about 217 rows total, and then you start the armholes.Continue for another 1-2 inches for the neckline and neck shaping. Let’s just guess 18 inches, plus another 3 inches to make sure it’s long enough for my taste. That’s about 270 rows total.

270 rows

  • 6 weeks – 45 rows a week, 7 rows a day
    8 weeks – 33 rows a week, 5 rows a day
    10 weeks – 27 rows a week, 3 rows a day
  • Upstairs Shawl
    32 row repeat 10 times – 320 rows
    8 knit rows at the beginning and end.

    328 rows total

  • 4 weeks – 82 rows a week, 12 rows a day
    6 weeks – 55 rows a week, 8 rows a day
    8 weeks – 41 rows a week, 6 rows a day
  • Juliet Sweater
    This is the dream sweater for me. It was one of the first things on my list when I started knitting.

    Unfortunately, I can’t find my printout or IK book with the pattern in it, so I will skip this until later–again.

    More on these later.


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