April goals

• Finish socks for soldiers socks.

and apparently, learning how to read the instructions would go a long, long way! I have had to redo certain parts just to be able to continue.

• Finish 10-15 doilies – 6 1/2 down, 3.5 to 8.5 to go.

procrastinate much? lol

• Swatch for The Juliet Sweater (yes, the capital letters are mandatory. I love that thing
with a depth I can’t even describe properly.).

still haven’t done this yet.

• Knit or crochet a snood in a 2-for-2 trade with a friend. Pick out a sock for part 2.

Made a false start last night, frogged it. I think I will just have to find a pattern stitch I like and go with that.

• Continue to work on my first ever pair of toe-up socks. Needs a pattern to keep me excited about it. Right now, they’re kind of blah. Probably going to use Eye of Partridge stitches to add some interest.

have barely looked at this today.

I’m transferring  this list here from Ravelry to remind myself what I’m supposed to be doing.


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