Dianna entrelac stole written up

This is the written out version of the Dianna leaf chart by Jane Araujo (Mawelucky on Ravelry). It is a temporary file.

A full version of the pattern will be released at a later date.

The PDF of the written version had a typo in row 7: p3togb should be p2togb.

Here is the corrected PDF file: Diannawrittenchart.pdf


2 thoughts on “Dianna entrelac stole written up

  1. Hi-I found your blog through a link in Ravery. I’m trying to figure out the Dianna shall and was excited to find a written up version of the chart! I tried your link and could not get the PDF file to open up. I got a message saying the link was broken.

    I know it’s a year after the fact, but I was wondering if you still had that file available anywhere and if you could maybe send it to me? Thanks so much!

    • I’m sorry about the broken link, Dorothy; it has been corrected and I am emailing it to you also. Thanks for bringing this to my attention. M.E.

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