I am officially sick of this color!

dusty rose

It was great when I started, but now it’s in everything…..


This is shibui knits sock yarn…it’s variegated and I didn’t dye it, but still, looking at these yarns, it looks like I lost a pink war.

shibui sock yarn

I was aiming for deep dark burgundy, but I was also trying to use up leftover dye. I am over that now. Once I finished dyeing my last rose hank early this morning, I poured the remainders down the sink. (There is some blue dye I need to do that to as well). I am going to start fresh with the next hank, and will try for an aqua green blend of colors.

I actually managed to make this morning’s pinkish yarn look a little more blotchy, unlike its predecessors. I was still a little disappointed, because it looked so dark and pretty before I microwaved it. To the camera, it looked like bloody insides, but to the eye it had a beautiful, red and blue-based darkness. Unfortunately, the darkness went down the sink in the first rinse. What was left was dark pinkish with little darker blotches of dye.  It’s drying as I write, and I hope to be able to wind it up and say it’s visibly different from the rest.

If the yarns are enough alike, I think I will knit with the two pinkish strands held together; laceweight yarn is no longer my favorite.

My home computer is on the fritz. The hard drive has almost given up the ghost. It can be seen, but no longer manipulated and bent to my will. I am trying really hard to wait until next payday to get a new one. This is day one, and I’m not the most patient person in the world when it comes to computer addiction. I miss being able to turn it on and do whatever I need to do when I want to. This bites!

On the other hand, maybe it means I’ll have more time for knitting, cleaning and organizing my stash!


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