Finished the Nightsongs shawl on 8/25/09


It took a couple of months, but it’s done. It’s shorter than I’d like, but it’s really good lookinq. It looks especially good in black. The plan is to convert the shawl to a rectangular stole in the acrylic yarn I got from my friend Rhonda. It will be warmer and bigger than this lightweight little thing. It’s a great pattern.

Project list:

Now I have about 20 more projects in my to do list that include the following:

Celtic Stole * 6 pieces to Ribbons & Bows bathroom set * SFS sock

Charity hat * Jo’s socks * 3 doilies

First toeups * Garden of Alla Shawl * Start Forest Path Stole

Start Feathers and Frills Shawl * Do a Branching Out Scarf with big yarn * Start Travelling Roses Scarf

Start Upstairs Shawl

The priorities in the list are the bathroom set, the soldier socks, and the stole I’m trying to create for the Cherry Tree Hill competition.


I also finished the 9.2 oz. of Juliespins roving I bought, and purchased a few more bundles from The Loopy Ewe and Extreme Spinning. Extreme’s a new favorite; she has several different types of soft shiny fibers that are a joy to spin. I bought some mulberry silk from her after she sent me a small sample in with a sari silk batt purchase; it is dark rainbow dyed and gorgeous. Pictures later.

The roving shown here is a recent purchase from Sonny & Shear yarn store; it’s the Vintage colorway by Pigeon Roof Studios.

And even cooler:

The Amethyst Cottage group on Ravelry is having a KAL challenge for the month of September. Whoever knits or finishes the most yarn up to 500 yards will be entered in a random number generator to win 150 grams of Kauni EQ yarn. The second prize to be random number generated is a $20 gift certificate to a yarn store. Other members of the group are donating yarn and stuff as well. It’s going to be so much fun.


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