Stashdown for Christmas

How sad is it that the main reason I want to knit my stash down is so I can have that much more room to buy good yarn? There’s this one dyer who owns the store Creatively, (I think that URL is correct); I love her yarns! There are so many colors in them and they are so well done.

I am trying not to buy any more yarn until at least Christmas, since I calculated my yarn stash. It totals 18 miles, 156 yards. That’s 31,836 yards, a whole lot of yarn, and a whole lot of unfinished projects. If I can get the bathroom set done, that should take up a lot of it.

Then there’s 10 pieces of merino and silk rovings that I’d bought that need to be processed into usable yarn. I’m considering those as not quite the same thing as the yarns. The silk is going to be awesome to spin with. I am hoping that I will be able to spin them to the size I want, somewhere between lace and fingering weight.

This is the Spin-A-Long Jane Eyre Kit from, and it’s all I can do not to drop everything and work with it whenever I look at it.  It includes one hank of mulberry silk and another hank of milk roving dyed the same color. The handmade soap that came with it, purchased from TheLoteTree, smelled nice, but it wasn’t my thing.  I gave it to a friend of mine. I should have given her the cotton for the soap bag while I was at it.

Also, the lady who owns Extreme Spinning is expecting her third child, and is having a sale to celebrate. Go now! Don’t make me buy it all! (I’m scared to even look, actually. lol)




Okay, 15 minutes of watching James McAvoy getting his ass kicked by Angelina Jolie and her cohorts in Wanted, and I am ready to punch her myself.  Short of that and a few other things, I love this movie!


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