To-do list for the weekend

  1. Finish spinning milk fiber for Jane Eyre spinalong.
  2. Do a swatch for the pink and cream sweater.
  3. Do a swatch for the CTH competition.
  4. Start working on pattern for CTH competition.
  5. Keep working on SFS socks.
  6. Measure lid and tank of toilet for bathroom set.
  7. Start lid and tank cover for the set.


Pink & Cream sweater

There’s a few personal goals I’ve set for myself toward stash busting that include making a sweater out of some pink shiny yarn I’d been given for my birthday and another cream-colored yarn in my stash.

The yarn in the first photo was thicker and chunkier than I wanted, so I swapped it out for a smoother acrylic in my stash. You can see how much closer the acrylic I swapped for is to the pink in the next picture. Maybe I can use the first one as some sort of accent.

If everything goes well, I will line the jacket body with some cotton or fleece-based material for warmth and stability, and cutting down on possible itchiness. I might also try to weight the hem like I’ve heard of for Chanel jackets. Not sure where to get chain though, or how heavy it should be. I don’t want it to be too expensive.

Stats on the Patons Brilliant in Sparkling Rose:

24 stitches to the inch on US 5 knitting needles and US 5 (F) crochet hook.

I think I’m going to crochet the neckline and the edges of the cream yarn. I also intend to refer to the Ann Bud sweaters book to get the size sweater I need.


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