Last time I’m winding 880 yards of laceweight twice

The plan was to dye this Knitpicks Bare laceweight in a six-color progression  (or maybe three, depending on if I felt up to it.

Since I couldn’t think up a better method to section it off, I wound it into a ball (which took a really long time), then rewound it into a large hank (which took even more time), and then had no day left to dye it in. Perhaps next week will be the week.

Some things I figured out in the process are:

  1. Laceweight will no longer be sectioned off for long color repeats unless it’s already on a cone.
  2. I’m switching to sock weight for dyeing because it won’t take as long to wind or rewind.
  3. Spending actual talking time with my friends is more important than skeining, winding and reskeining yarn.
  4. The next time I dye something, it’s going to be more fun and perks will be involved to sustain me.

I’m working on Jo’s socks; I think I will go offline now so I can put a nice dent in them, then spin a little before going to bed.




The old V Miniseries is on since the new one is coming up. This makes me happy, to remind me what I loved about the original in the first. I have no idea how the new one is going to compare. I’m glad “Inara” from Firefly is in it. That’s one thing in its favor.


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