Making a few more charity hats

From Cascade 220. I have never knit with this yarn before, but I love the colors and I’ve heard a lot of good things about it. The 2 blacks are for the charity hats (I hope I have enough to make two), and then the black and burgundy are for a pair of gloves for myself. I’m not sure when I’ll get to those; I haven’t picked a pattern yet either, but they’re going to be fair isle.

As you can see from this picture, my fair isle is so not where it needs to be.  There’s a few more inches to go on this needle holder I’m making for my 14″ and shorter straights. Hopefully once I block it (and maybe felt it a little) it will look better. I may have to put some plastic canvas in there to keep the needles from going through, or maybe line it with the pink like my bag. There’s about 2 inches left and the knitting will be done.

My friends and I have a current joke that I went 40 miles away to take a fair isle class,  so they could do it instead of me. Melissa made a decent-looking sock and a half, I think using the fair isle technique I taught her, Danielle’s wanting to learn so she can knit a hat (she’s a fast learner), and I’m still struggling. I haven’t given up though. lol

I had planned to finish knitting up the chart for part 2 of the celtic stole this past weekend, but I was working on this instead. I’ve basically just been looking at the stole a lot. I really want to get it done; I think it will be much warmer than that flirty little Gail I made. She is very good at keeping the neck warm, I must say.

One thought on “Making a few more charity hats

  1. You’re not alone. I too, am struggling with fair isle…Depending on your perspective, I’ve been lucky enough so far to spot the mistakes soon after I do them. I don’t think I’ve had to tink so much before.

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