I’ve been off work since Wednesday due to the Thanksgiving holiday and most of a week’s vacation, so I’ve been trying to put a dent on some craft projects.

Actually, I have been working on the celtic stole since last weekend (I had Thursday and Friday off too) and am almost 1/2 way done on it. There’s 30 more rows to go to finish the center chart. I thought with dedicated knitting I’d be done with it already, but I keep having to backtrack due to missed lattice rows and errors here and there.

I finally put it away this morning after I had to frog and reknit the side charts again. Hopefully I will finish the second repeat today. I also  intend to start a knitted doily by Bad Cat Designs. I can’t remember how many rows are in it, but it should be a short little thing, and a nice break without taking up too much time. It would be the first doily I’ve ever knitted.


My sister-in-law prepared Thanksgiving dinner all by herself for the first time ever yesterday. She did a great job! She had dressing, turkey, gravy, and greens, potato salad and tea. It was all so good!

TV Time

It looks like there’s a Dirty Jobs marathon on; yayyy!!! It’s going to be great for getting some spinning done. I also started listening to the Harry Potter Book 4, Order of the Phoenix on tape. Jim Dale makes for great character voices. He is so funny as Harry’s Aunt Petunia.