I keep trying to remember what I did

with myself before Ravelry came along, and I keep drawing a blank. I know I wasn’t knitting much. I was probably mostly reading, watching movies and tv, and playing computer games.

Right now I am working on a test knit (a cowl called Taliesin by Susan Pandorf). There’s not that much to show for it right now; I keep getting off track and having to rip and reknit. Nothing to do with the pattern; just needing constant vigilance on my part. The two rows making up the shawl are easy to memorize, so I get so comfortable I lose track of where I am in it.

Also, I need to add more gold to it to balance out the shiny parts of the Red Heart Fiesta yarn I’m using. The ditch-looking section would be perfect for that accent.




There was a movie on the other day where some 1950s actress played a beautiful woman at the end of her rope in the 1700s or so. She’d run up a whole bunch of debt without her husband knowing about it, and spent the rest of the movie using her looks and charms to borrow money to get the loans paid off. I don’t remember the name of it, but I hope I get a chance to see it again from the beginning.

I also got to see the majority of “A Streetcar Named Desire.” It was awesome! Sad, gritty, but awesome. I was definitely in the mood for something like that.


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