The knitting for Taliesin is done

All that remains is embroidering stripes into it and finding some buttons to set it off.

I had another late night last night making a plastic canvas liner for my straights needle holder. Not bad for a first-time make-it-up-as-you-go-along knitting project.

I’m working on the Luiza shawls and apparently finding more trouble to get into:

  • I ordered the East Meets West satchel kit from Knitpicks, and it’s taking everything I’ve got not to cast on. I’ve also been checking out the EMW KAL board at the Knitpicks Knitting Community. (It’s in the Colorwork KAL thread if you want to look it up as well.)
  • I keep wanting to work on the Celtic stole, but never seem to set enough time to do it in. Maybe I can convince myself to start using that 5 a.m. wake-up time for the knitting I want to do instead of spending the next hour or so thinking I will actually get more sleep if Ilay there and pretend I’m sleeping. You’d think after a week of that I would realize that it doesn’t work and never will.
  • I could be knitting a swatch for the Evenstar KAL that’s about to begin on Susan Pandorf’s blog, She’s writing a whole series of patterns based on The Lord of the Rings trilogy, using movie, book and everything else she can find about it. Evenstar is the first one. There will also be a One Ring shawl, a Ring Wraith shawl (CANNOT WAIT FOR THAT ONE!) and quite a few others.
  • I think I am going to spend a few hours tightening the twist on the Enchanted Knoll yarn so I can soak it and block it. That’d be one more thing I can check off the list.

Last weekend, we held a surprise 70th birthday party celebration for my mom’s brother, Uncle Maxie. One more day that everybody was gathered in one place. I think he enjoyed himself. He was smiling and talking to everybody, and had no idea we were there to celebrate him. It’s amazing that nobody spilled the beans.

Also, my friend Melissa was holding an all-day knit in at her house the same day. I made it over there after 8 p.m. Melly came up for the knit in and left us a gift: a dyeing cabinet with several bundles of roving and a set of Jacquard dyes! She had said earlier that she had a surprise for me that afternoon…she wasn’t kidding! Just like Uncle Mike, I had no idea what was coming!


Things I love (and their prices too):

She also bought a tower of Paradoxicality merchandise. It’s a line of skincare products including sugar scrubs, moisturizers and lip balms at

I love the Plain Jane version of the Shea Hand Smoother sugar scrub so much I want to marry it. When I wash my hands with it in warm water, the vanilla smell hits me so hard I want to bake things. (It’s a little more brown sugary looking than this.)

Then there’s the Shea Mousse, a moisturizer good for all kinds of things. I love that it’s unscented and not stinky. It has this awesome texture in the jar, where it starts off as a solid and starts melting with your body heat, becoming an oil mixed with talcum powder. I’ve been using it on my hands, but most especially my feet. That with a pair of socks, day or night, is good stuff! It softens calluses and everything.

I think she made it mostly for spinners so they don’t snag their yarns and what not. I don’t  care. I might not marry it, but I’d definitely consider a little something something on the side.

Oh, the lip balm. I forgot to mention the lip balm. This stuff is amazing! I don’t think she should call it lip balm, because when I hear lip balm I think Chapstick, and that is giving the Shea Suppletint short shrift.

Chapstick’s all waxy. I only like it when I have a split lip and I want a barrier between the split and stuff that burns. But the Paradoxicality lip balm is more like lip moisturizer (I know I’m repeating myself, but I’m apparently short on descriptive words this evening). It doesn’t have a flavor to it, but it moisturizes your lips really quickly and slicks them without being greasy or sticky.


LSG charm bracelet. If you’re a ravelry LSGer or even if you’re not, go here: and get your attitude on. Some days, these little charms say it all without me having to say a word.

Melissa also does knitting charms and bracelets (Kitchener stitch instruction charms are on my list) and can customize each charm with your own personal pictures or favorite saying. (Note to self: My “Can I borrow that?” saying is going to have to be added to my list also.)


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