The yarnharlot has made a gorgeous sweater!

I love that thing. It’s a Dale of Norway red and black sweater with white and gold fair isle accents, plus a black maple leaf outlined in white on the front. She finished it, probably with seconds to spare, the night of the closing ceremonies of the Olympic Games.

I’d like to be able to make up something that beautiful.

I’ve been knitting and trying to finish up the Celtic Stole. I have something like 20 rows left on the last repeat of the knot chart, and then can start knitting the edging. I get a lot of it done as I watch TV and flip channels in the evening, but if I turn on the computer, forget it. I would get absolutely nothing done.

I was knitting on the stole fairly late before I got so sleepy about 10:30 that I just gave up and went to bed. There was almost nothing on worth watching. I’d like to find a free not-watching-TV substitute that I could use while I knit.

The stole is getting so long now I have had to fold and pin the worked repeats to get the rest of the knitting done. Who knew that would be an issue? I had no idea. lol

I need to start knitting the Dianna shawl leaf tonight to see if there are going to be difficulties. I hope I remember that later this evening.

I’m going to start back on the crochet bathroom set sometime this month as well.


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