10 more rows left on the Celtic stole

Hopefully I will finish these today and be able to block it tomorrow at my friend Jen’s house.  I’m a little worried that the garter stitch edge won’t be stretchy enough horizontally speaking. It definitely wouldn’t be the first time I’ve had to do the edging over.

I’d planned to finish the crochet bathroom set, and I’m going to, but I think I will also start working the fair isle purse for when I need a break. (I’m probably going to need a break a lot, seeing as how there’s plenty of potential for screwup until I figure out what I’m doing with this thing. Modding is HELL!!! lol)

The outside edge and handle of the purse is knit as a wide circle, and then the flat front and back sides of the purse are knit as one doily then steeked in half. Then the flap is attached and knit onto it. I think I need to find a really cute filial to keep the flap down. Maybe I could get a nice glowy crystal Swarovski  bead button. Not really interested in using a snap closure.

Or perhaps a smaller project would be a better idea since it wouldn’t interfere as much. I was thinking about the Musica fingerless gloves. Other options, the Luiza stole and the Dianna shawl. Or maybe I’ll cast on for them all. So much for doing the WIPS first, lol.


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