I’m taking part in another spinning challenge

on Ravelry. The second annual Yarn Everyday Challenge started April 1. I was premature in getting all excited to spin on March 30, thinking it was April 1. By late that Friday evening, I’d lost all the excitement…I was tired from the work day, lol. But I did manage to eek out the ounce of butter yellow roving sent as a sample by Extreme Spinning. It didn’t want to cooperate with my hurried attempt to spin it up, so I tried making it a nice blob of thick, followed by a regular thin spin. It didn’t like that either. It did make me more determined to spin when I really felt like it instead of forcing the issue, even if I miss a challenge day.

Yesterday (Saturday, April 3), I finally finished up the Enchanted Knoll roving by tightening it up to what I wanted. It looks really good now, and I am calling it Wild Streak in honor of the sections of brownish gold throughout the skein. I think it may actually turn out to be 300 yards, and I intend to make socks out of it.

I still have to soak this skein of blue-green roving spun from fiber given to me by Melanie. I’m letting some spin jobs rest and then I plan to set and wash the skeins all at once, or at least 2 or 3 at a time to save me a whole bunch of processing.  (I hope all the colors are set and don’t bleed out. ) I just had the brilliant thought of winding them all using the swift, tying them off  and spinning them all in the washing machine. I used the washing machine spin the last couple of times I set or dyed yarn…they dry so much faster that way!!!
Jen named the yarn fail I dyed for her sister  “Cherry Harvest.” It’s an awesome and quite appropriate name. She better watch it…I might have her name all the other stuff I can’t figure out a good name for. It’s pretty yarn, just not what I was going for, which totally pissed me off for a couple of days. I think it looks much better in the swatch she made for me. In this picture, it had just been taken out of the spin cycle on the washing machine.
I have another couple of Jacquard dyes coming in a joint order placed by the amethyst cottage group. Hopefully the pink I ordered will be the Neopolitan ice cream pink I was trying to get. (This is Jacquard vermillion, kelly green and “some kind of brown,” chestnut I think.)  I also ordered black, because how could I not, seeing how it’s mostly what I wear? I should have ordered two, because I know I will be trying to achieve the magenta yarn of my dreams. :-)  Plus, if it’s not greenish toned, it will help me darken colors that are too light for what I want.
I had a thought that I could dye and spin goldish colored roving to finish up the black and gold Taliesin scarf.  It’s crazy, but the roving is on hand, lol.
I wonder if Extreme Spinning has some gold firestar I could buy. I probably don’t need to start with that. I’d have gold firestar in everything that wasn’t nailed down, and probably glue it to stuff if I had to. I don’t have an old jar of Modge Podge for nothing!
There’s a “Golden Yellow” in the Jacquard dyes that Melanie gave me and Melissa, but when I was getting ready to mix it into a skein, I added water and vinegar to it and it looked  orange. Really  orange. Like way more orange than yellow, so I totally nixed adding it to anything I dyed that night.  Maybe it dyes much lighter than it looks. There’s only one way to find out.<p>
That night I was dyeing yarn (For Melissa’s birthday, at her house, on her stove) kelly green and a blank silk scarf blue, spruce and teal. I poured a bit of spruce to the kelly green yarn, but when I poured it over the top of the kelly green skein in the pan, it went down the side of the yarn and soaked in just enough to let me know that method wasn’t going to work for me. I think I would need a bigger boiler and some explicit instructions. I think I have a file saved on a thumb drive that tells me how CTH or someone does it. It’s not my favorite method though. I want my yarn to be exactly colored here or there, not whatever  happens happens method. WHH is great when I’m in the mood for winging it, but not when I’m going for a good-looking end result.
I kid you not though, that yarn was GREEN. It was a bold, in your face Melissa kind of green. I made sure she liked it before I gave it to her for her birthday that night. “You sure you like it? You’re not just being nice?” “Fine, can I borrow that” then? Do I have to steal it?” “Happy belated  birthday.”
On the knitting (and crochet) front, I have been having several episodes of cast on and attempt to knit, frog, cast on again, attempt again, frog. Yesterday I was working on a shawl and knit the wrong row, frogged back to the beginning, realized that I was knitting the right ROW, and put it down in a small huff of exasperation. I started back knitting it and am halfway finished with that row.
I had a final “I hate this yarn” this Friday at night knit. I was going to totally pitch it but I put it back in my bag today. Showed it to Jen yesterday and she took it off my hands. I think she’s going to use it in a sock yarn baby blanket she’s making. She needs leftover sock stash; she’s got about 15 pieces of yarn from her sister. I didn’t think to tell her to go on Ravelry and ask for some. I better go do that now while I’m thinking of it.  :-)
The toilet lid is coming along. I think I am 2/3 through making the base. I decided making it the way the patterns calls for the smaller original toilet lid to be crocheted would be crazy making for the larger size. It’s more oval shaped than the rounder original. So I decided I was going to knit it as a rectangular strip from the outside edges in.
I wasn’t thinking it through properly though. I got 1/3 of the way done, tried it out on the cardboard template, and realized that it is now puckering in a not very attractive way. I should have gathered stitches after the first 2 or 3 rows. I am thinking I will do some more gathering stitches so that it will fill out the narrow tip, then crochet horizontally to fill in the rest. I don’t know. I will have to think on it some more. Yet another snag in the long saga that is the bathroom project.
I was just taking pictures to illustrate the problem when I thought, too bad I can’t use the original lid I’d finished crocheting when I found I’d need a narrower lid.
I figured that to keep from frogging  what I most recently finished I could make the edges wrap around the new  lid to ease out the puckers.
If I do that, I can use the old crochet work to fill out the rest of the lid.
So now finishing the base of the lid will be that much faster and I can start the crochet loops this week. Yaayyy!  You don’t know how happy coming up with this idea makes me. I am really, really glad I didn’t frog the old piece when I realized it wouldn’t fit.  I am starting to feel much smarter than I look today now.
Active projects list:
Luiza shawl     Dianna shawl
bathroom set
Soon to be started list:
nutkins toe up style
fair isle purse kit from knitpicks

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