How do you know when it’s time to give up on a project?

Sometimes giving up is way too easy for me. Some days, it’s as simple as saying, “Nope, not gonna happen.” But other things aren’t so simple.

Lets take, for example, Irish crochet. I love to look at it, I really do. But making it myself–that’s a completely different story. I love the look of 3D crochet, I just don’t like putting the work in.

You would think, knowing that going in, I would not get suckered into Irish crochet jewelry patterns, but here’s the proof.

I think I have had these ever since the 1980s, when Magic Crochet and Annie’s Attic catalogs were staples in my house. And what sold me on them was way the Irish rose necklace lay on that woman’s collarbone.

I thought, “OMG, this is so pretty!” It would lend a touch of elegance to any outfit I wear it with.  The other reminded me of those professional, quietly pulled together looking ladies I’m always coming across in stores and libraries and what not. Plus, you almost never see this type of stuff anywhere. I’d be so unique.

Well, long boring story short, I never made either pattern. And when I sold off a whole bunch of Magic Crochet magazines on Ebay, I gave the others to the seller as a gift. But these I kept. They’ve been languishing around for one more year, tempting me off and on with the lure of a “quick and easy project.” I am done listening to their siren song now. I am sending them to a good home, either with a crocheting friend who loves vintage patterns, or to a lady on Ravelry who wants some Irish crochet patterns. Goodbye elegance and well put togetherness!

Crochet bathroom project:

In a previous post, I’d come up with what I thought was a workable lid for the crochet project I’m trying to finish, but I didn’t like the way it was going. The last time I tried it on the actual toilet lid, it looked all puckery still, even with a reworking on the puckered area. No go. But while I was stretching it across the lid and trying to make it fit, there were gaps that reminded me of laceweight doilies. It looked so pretty I decided I’d go that route with the thing.

It’s going so much faster now too. It’s going to take some fill-in lace work, but I like how it’s working up. Current progress:

I think I’m going to have to crochet a few more half circle pieces like in the upper right and lower right corners. I also plan to make a stable enough edging around it that I can add a bow accent like the edgings on the rugs and tiebacks. (I’m not going to cry if that doesn’t work out though. I want this project DONE already!)

Toeup socks:

I love the Juliespins Muir Woods yarn I’m making these from. I had no idea there were so many colors in it until I wound it up into a ball. It is an awesome yarn!

The toeup knitting is going slower than I planned. I was making them on size threes, but as jaelyn pointed out, the needle was just too big for the yarn, making my sock fabric look way too loose. So I switched down to twos, which is making me miserable because I am magic looping it- small gauge –  on an Inox needle. So not the knitpicks shiny metal brights I am used to (whine, whine, whine).  It’s knit,  knit, drag, rearrange, curse, knit, knit drag rearrange, curse, curse, curse. Argghhh.

I prefer 2 socks on 2 circs, but I’m just refusing to buy more needles. I’m sick of buying needles and I’m sick of borrowing what I don’t have from my friends.

I started hating buying needles when I was trying to get gauge on the soldier socks. I had to go down to 00 needles for a while  (whine, whine, whine some more). Then there was the time the cable came out of the point on some size 2s I was making socks with. I got a replacement, but that came apart too. So no size twos in my stash right now except for the one Inox needle. If I wasn’t already hating the small gauge process so much, I’d switch to the size 0 Hiya Hiyas  since I have two of those.

I am thinking about fast tracking the increases on this sock too. I’m so impatient when it comes to individual sock sections.


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