Things I’m working on

Stealth project for BSG group member.

my last ever giant crochet project.

general yarn destashing as far as knitting it or spinning it all up.

I just finished the first part of the stealth project and hope to be done with the second part by this weekend. It helps to have the yarn already wound before use, which I haven’t quite had time to do yet. I will do that this evening and hope to put the burn on it so I can get it in the mail.
The crochet thing, I frogged some of it because I wasn’t satisfied with some thick, untidy looking areas. Unfortunately, I wove my ends in really well, so I unraveled some of the wrong sections, which wound to me having to frog even more of the sections that had been crocheted above them. Very irritating. It is in time out and I might not even finish it by my birthday.

I came across a buy/sell/trade offer on ravelry that was so pretty I couldn’t pass it up (again, what else is new?),  so now I am the proud owner of a partially finished rug hooking project. I need a hook and a wool source; I’m hoping to also trade some yarn for a strip cutter the lady was selling as well. Those things are expensive, so her taking yarn in trade for the bargain price she offered it for is an extremely good deal.

She sent me pictures she’d taken of it, and looking at the picture, I thought it was a pillowcase-sized thing. Nope, it’s a nice big room-sized rug.This project’s going to take some time for me to complete, but I’m beyond thrilled with it. The flowers are so my color.

photo by camblog (ravelry ID)

I hope to find a supplier for strips and what not to finish it up.


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