Spinning the Jungle colorway

I’m finally ready to spin up the Juliespins roving. I’m planning to spin it as thinly as possible, as usual, and make it a 4-ply. I hope it will be really round and bouncy looking. I’m also going to use the spinner’s control card to keep the size very skinny, hopefully to a heavy laceweight. Here it is split into fourths. I’m going to be spinning it from the purplish end.

Knitting and crochet

I finished the BSG stealth project a couple of days ago. It’s so cute; I was surprised and pleased that it turned out so well. I did freehand embroidery on it. I only had to rework it once and neaten it up a little bit.

I started reworking the toilet lid again also. I can only do a little bit at a time; I get aggravated and have to deal with hand fatigue from using the size G crochet hook. It’s going to be pretty when I’m finally done with it.

I am also joining fewer doilies together for it. It will fit better; it stretches out quite a bit, and since it looks better that way, I’m working with it.

We are having a stash down challenge in the knit group. I finished a stealth project, and now I am working on whatever appeals the most.

I waver between wanting to start something new and wanting to finish every partially created thing in my UFO list. Aggravation and laziness are major factors. I tend to feel stoopid when it doesn’t go as fast as I think it should, but most of the time it’s soothing. I keep wanting to begin a shawl. I think I will resurrect one in my UFO list and start it over to have yardage for the challenge. There’s nothing to starting it over, they’re all only 1-8 rows in.

A future goal is to work up an abstract looking stole from the CTH yarn I’d ordered for a contest. I have an idea for it that I kinda drew up; it will be all squares and rectangles of different sizes, split up by a few rows of the black-based skein.

The pattern was a quick knit challenge for the BSG group. It was set to start Friday night, but I was so tired and busy that I completely forgot about it until the next morning. So I cast on yesterday, and have managed about 14 rows in black.

Brian’s library

Took the BSG project with me to the company BBQ today, which was a nice little get together at Brian’s house. He showed us the new library they had built a few steps away from the front door. It is gorgeous!!! It’s all antique copper colored paint (kind of a reddish orange) with medium blond wooden shelves around 2 walls (the entertainment center wall and the one to the right of it.

Everything except the TV is hidden by shelves and cabinets, with a range of DVDs, books and VHS tapes all the way to the high ceiling. A comfy couch pulls out to a queen size bed, and behind the couch is a table with fold down leaves, and a desk with a computer system.

A bathroom with a shower is next to the desk; from the bathroom to the left, on the other side of the desk wall is a storage area where they now keep the lawnmower and other yardwork items. The other two walls are reserved for pictures and memorabilia.


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