Past knitting projects revisited

In February, 2009, I was working on a list with timed breakdowns of my unfinished knitting projects, with plans to finish them all before the year was up.

Of those, I completed the following:

hurricane hat for charity

soldier socks for charity

celtic stole

Jenn’s dishcloths 1 and 2

Gail stole


Projects I’ve completed that weren’t on the Feb. list:

Baby bib and burp cloth for BSG member – green on green project that rocks.

fair isle needle bag

Jo’s socks – I think I started these in 2008, though.

Oooooo, the bainbridge scarf – LOVE IT!!!

Taliesin test knit


The status of the projects that remain are as follows:

Ribbons and Bows bath set:

toilet seat lid cover – 3/4’s done, to be continued as inspiration strikes.

toilet tank bottom cover – not doing it. A friend of mine says it’s a dust and dirt collector.

toilet tank lid – haven’t started it, but maybe this would be a nice, give-me-a-break-from-the-toilet-lid kind of project.

1 more oval rug, two smaller rugs??? – still up in the air, but I don’t see myself doing this. I see myself two buying little rugs that blend in that I can attach matching crocheted motifs to,  like on the lid cover.

2 towel trims and 2 shower curtain tiebacks: started the green accent strip for 2 of these; still need to crochet the lacy, off white parts.

Forest Path Stole: Still on the “Someday” list.
Upstairs Shawl: found new project, the Mehndi Shawl by Susan Pandorf, for the yarn I was going to use to make this. the Mehndi pattern screams marcasite to me, so the black/dark gray/light gray laceweight, mixed with Cherry Tree Hill black sock yarn, should be perfect for it.
Mystery Stole: Apparently, I’m not much a mystery stole participant. This is the second of three shawls I’ve signed up for. Just didn’t feel like doing it when cast on time came around.
Baby Georgia Dress: While I still love this pattern, it’s going to take a little while for my knitting to be up to par. I may knit it again one of these days. I don’t know who it would go to, but I’m sure my friends could recommend someone who has a baby girl around that time.
Convertible Stole: “Someday” list.
Triple Braided Diamond Sweater: After knitting a few rows, I found that knitting cables in the round without a chart in acrylic yarn is not my favorite thing. Even if there was a cable chart, I’d need to teach myself how to read it. When I come across a cable chart, I take time to figure it out, and the next time I see one I forget how it’s done, so I have to study it all over again. I’m not adding this to my Someday List. I just cancelled it altogether. I am considering giving the book to the library, but there are another few sweaters in there that interest me.

Solo Tank: frogged and forgotten. I think this would call for a yarn I really love, something like Cascade 220.

Juliet Sweater: Love it still! Plan to start it this year.
Top down raglan: Huh? Must be a forgotten pattern situation. I think it’s the Letterman sweater by Jacquelyn Landry or someone. She knit hers in red and gray if I’m not mistaken.

Doilies for mom: fallen by the wayside.


More unfinished projects since February:

BSG mitts – don’t know if I’m going to scrap these or try a fair isle version. The reason it’s still up in the air is because I really want to use the yarn up for a stash buster challenge, and to get it out of my stash by knitting or crocheting it, not by giving it away.

Ribbons and bows bath set – I plan to finish this before the year is out.

Luiza test knit – hit a few snags, still love it, waiting for some major alone time to pick it up again.

Dianna shawl – same as Luiza shawl, only in triplicate, because I have to bone up on entrelac to be able to get it going. Yet another excuse to knit the forest path stole.

Jo’s snood – keep saving it for a keep-yourself-busy and not have to follow a pattern day at starbucks.

Echo Flower shawl – on my list of maybes that would work for my yarn stash. Just printed the pattern and looked at it a couple of months ago, but haven’t dug in.

doilies for mom – comes to mind every now and then. Can’t be bothered to pick it up though.

TLE six-week tank challenge fail – one good reason to keep the book with the triple diamond no-chart sweater in it. It has a feather-and-fan sort of tank top set that would work for this.

Knit picks east meets west bag – I love knitting this thing. I worked on it for a couple of days off and on when I first got it; will pull it out again when nothing else will do. No rush on this one.

Renee’s plain toeups – had to rework the heel on one of these because it had unsatisfactory holes and pulls that went away when I reknitted the heel on it. Now working on the cable parts going up the leg. they’re going to be long and not twist a whole lot.

I haven’t mentioned it here, but there’s a top down sweater I have for a sweatshirt style sweater knit from the top down in coned gray yarn I received at World Wide Knit in Public Day two years ago. I’m scrapping that one and perhaps making a shawl from that particular yarn.


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