Knitting plans for the weekened

Saturday, July 31, 2010

  1. Finish repeat #2 on the BSG socks (Monkey Pattern by CookieA on Post pics.
  2. Continue crocheting the edging on Jo’s snood. 25% done
  3. Swatch for sweater knitalong. Get the first 10 rows done of any part of it.
  4. Pick a lace pattern and another sock pattern for stashbusting. Print all relevant information to go with them.
  5. Sort my book and pattern stash.

If there’s time:

  • Use same edging on snood for toilet lid cover. (best idea I’ve had all day).
  • Bag up patterns and stash for Project-of-the-Month.
  • Pick out a cool little app for project status to go on the blog. See if wordpress has one somewhere.
  • Work on my web page look.
  • Make a black or white (or both) layer to go over the purple background I made.
  • Make some more coordinating graphics.

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