Update, 8/3/10

My knitting didn’t go as planned last weekend as I was doing a major closet and room overhaul. I still have a few stacks of paperwork to go through, trash or file. There is a need to destash a few more things, and rearrange some of the books and other items.

That said, I used knitting for breaks between the heavy work and reorganizing my bookshelf.

I am now on round 3 of knitting rows 1-11 of the cookie A socks. I love how they are turning out, especially with the red and the full black stripes. Nice! I am a little worried about them being too big at the top and too loose down the leg. I’m not sure where to make a couple of decrease stitches in a way that won’t throw off the patterning.

About the pattern, to look at it at first I thought it would be a little difficult, so I put off knitting it for a while. However, I love this pattern now. It’s so easy to do each row, and there are about 4 rows of plain knitting in each repeat. So simple! I have been on count almost throughout the entire repeat; I find out almost immediately when I’m out of sync on either sock. I really like that.

I started swatchingfor the beaded juliet sweater today at lunch as part of the August knitalong. The clear beads with gold lined center look pretty good with the purple and black yarns, but I think I am going to have to switch to Addi lacepoints to fight the splitiness of the Garnstudio Cotton Vicose. The yarn is brilliantly shiny; I love the look of it. This picture almost does it justice.

I had a little difficulty reading the pattern, but I think I was just tired. I remember reading it once before and it made sense, but that was quite a while ago before I bought the yarn. It will get easier once I’ve started and if I take it one section at a time.

I am also swatching for a hemp sweater (Interweave Knits’ Apres Surf Hoodie) made out of Allhemp3 yarn. I love the hemp yarn, but I think I’m going to have to be very careful about my gauge and how much yarn I pull up through a loop. Hopefully I will be able to knit up the lacy looking part of the swatch tomorrow night.

I was concerned about some slubs and (not great looking) joins I saw in a few of the skeins of yarn, so I sent a message to someone who’d made a lace shawl with it. She said the following:

Hemp, like linen, gets softer the more you wash it. When I blocked the shawl the first time it ended up being pretty stiff and a bit scratchy. I don’t mind that, and it got softer with wear, but still, not as soft as it could be.

I’ve made a baby blanket out of the same stuff and told the recipient to wash and dry the thing as often as needed. The fibre is tough and can take the abuse.

I wouldn’t put a shawl in the dryer every time I wash it out of fear of shrinkage, but it does soften it up and I think that hemp tends to stretch. My husband has a hemp t-shirt that has become huge over time.

So I think it will be safe for me to machine wash and air dry it. For safety’s sake, I will finish the swatch and use it to run tests before I knit the whole sweater.

I didn’t touch any crochet projects after all, except to move them out of the way of the knitting projects. I am going to finish up the toilet tank cover in between working on these three projects for a bit of a break, and to hopefully get it over with.

When I was cleaning/knitting swatches this weekend, I had Harry Potter 4 going in the background, and I very rarely paid attention to it. I think it must have repeated itself over 8-12 hours, and I only saw about an hour of it tops. I guess it’s not as good to knit to for me as Pride & Prejudice is. Or maybe I’m just used to using P&P for knitting along with.

I don’t know why, no matter what project I’m working on, I always wish I was working on something else. Today, I wished I was working on a lace project instead. This past weekend, same story. Friday night, yep, same story. That feeling definitely gets old! I hope I go ahead and get the majority of my stash knit up so that next year there will be a clean or almost clean slate for me to start knitting the things I find myself yearning for, with no other UFOs or unfinished business distracting me.


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