This weekend: finishing the BSG sock heels and sweater work

I intend to finish the sock heels for the BSG socks and put in a lion’s share of work on the KAL sweater. Plus, swatch blocking for said sweater. Where does the freaking time go?

To do list

BSG sock heels

block sweater swatch

Apres surf  ribbing and some lace work

A couple of stitches on Jo’s snood

Dishtowel start when I’m really frustrated

re-evaluate my stash for lace and sock projects

Spin a little for a break

Look at immediate future sock patterns

Projects to frog

Deleted the BSG fingerless mitts…make them all ribbing, pinstripe design later

garden of alla shawl…needs to be all one solid or all one variegated (find another pattern for the yarn (Circle of life shawl,  maybe)

deleted the 6-week Loopy Ewe tank challenge…just not going to happen. I do want to try to do a tank or vest in six weeks though. Maybe next year.


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