Slow start today

Sinus issues are making their presence known, so things have been a little slow. I picked up the Apres Surf Hoodie I’ve been working on this afternoon to fix the edges so I’d have a selvage edge on there like the pattern calls for. Then I started working on it. I am still making the bottom edge for the back and the front; I’m about 1 1/4 inches into it. It’s plain stockinette, and it’s nice knitting for when you want to watch TV or read blog posts as you go.

That said, I still wish that I was into the lace part already.  (As usual, I always wish I was farther along.) I am also seriously tempted to start the sleeves with 2 other balls of yarn because I know I’d get to the lace part quicker. Patience is not my strong suit.

The socks are getting there. Once I made notes on the BSG heels, turning the heel and doing the gusset went fairly fast. And you know, my difficulties with the heel flaps were forgotten days later, so apparently, the problems weren’t as big a deal as I thought. I have to say, they look really good in that diamond pattern.

I intend to pick them back up again this evening after I make a little more headway on the sweater. I don’t intend to take more than a week finishing the socks off, meaning I should be done with them by the end of this month. Yes, I know it jinxes one to say such things, but I’m totally taking that risk.

I think I am going to add a UFO corner to this blog to keep things on track.


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