The struggle continues

I have been destashing yarn for things like knitting books and candles and stuff lately in an effort to pare down my yarn stash to the most loved items. There are still some clunkers in there, but it is getting better a little bit at a time.

I have also been bargaining knitting skills for awesome yarn. Two pairs of socks were traded for quilting items, Wollmeise and other yarns. I truly love the skeins I traded for and the knitted goods recipients are mostly satisfied with their items.

BSG socks: Cookie A’s “Monkey” pattern (love the pattern and most especially the stripes!)

Wish they really fit: Tadpole pattern (Damn I love these!)

Unfortunately, both pairs came out a little big for the recipients. One lady hopes they’ll shrink some in the wash (BSG socks, me too. Love her pic of these.) The other gave the socks to her husband since they fit him instead.

That last one (tadpoles)  kind of kills me. That yarn knitted up so pretty and everything looked like it was supposed to and I loved the yarn I got in return. The part that hurts is that I was expecting it to be a perfect fit, and it wasn’t even close.

She made very clear that she’s happy with them anyway and they are beautiful and she is keeping them, but in my head I was doing the Florida Evans (“Damn, damn DAMN!”*). I made several offers to satisfy the trade (reknit them/shorten them and send them back/knit her a separate pair using some special yarn in my stash, etc.), but she very firmly declined. I guess I’ll live. I do feel better that she liked them enough not to send them back.

I have two other trades now to worry about….happily for me one is local so she can try them on as I go. The other I am going to have to be extremely careful about since it’s a complicated pattern and I have to mail it out of state. I do not want these to be Florida Evans pairs!

* The Florida Evans thing: There used to be a series on in the 70’s called Good Times. A loving family raised by a strong black woman and a strong black man, Florida and James Evans. Florida was nice, she let her husband lead, but she knew how to put her foot down about the important things. And she never, ever used profanity. Until her husband died (on the job or something) and she broke down. First cursing she’d ever done on that show. And it had all the more impact because Florida just doesn’t do that.


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